Don’t Blame America


So you voted for someone that isn't seriously pushing for bike or alternative transportations, doesn't support gay marriage, keeps us in wars that we can't and won't pay for?

Congratulations on all of your success! Now, if the wealthiest 1 percent of americans would pay more taxes, life would be like in the 50's...Financially, much fucking better, more options, better education, opportunity, you know stupid shit like that...Congratulations again for not being a racist bigot! Your the best!
Lol you forgot "I am a white straight male"
So, when you grow up, and have a little real world experience, travel a little, and maybe develop a degree of compassion, remember these ignorant words that you wrote and try nor to cringe with regret and self loathing (since you are the owner of an oh-so-raised-consciousness). Because anyone who's been anywhere at all knows there are too many people who can't afford a higher education (or the luxury of being one of your "history majors"), or have family responsibilities, or limitations, or life circumstances that preclude them from having chances to even participate in your so-called patriotism. That's a lark, and you've bought into it. When (or if) you realize these things, you'll be lucky to hold onto your feeling of national self-worth. That will take some work. But since you're such a hard worker, that may not be a problem for you...
I don't think America sucks.
"America" requires maturity, and a healthy lack of ego-centrism to make those principals work in real life.

So stop complaining about the complainers and model
some of what you preach.
It's not as easy as you say it is.
Lexus Liberal, bicycle notwithstanding.
Shorter I anonymous: I got mine, screw you.( But I support gay rights. Don't hate me!)

Passive-aggressive asshole.
Gee, I don't think I've ever heard this one before.
"If HISTORY MAJORS can make it, you fucking bums must just be lazy! Go die in the dirt! And how dare you assume I'm not liberal!"
I feel like this one is *hinting* at some good points without quite making them. Smacks too much though of the alternate reality created by FoxNews and modern Republicans.
this is what happens when wal mart provides free wifi, people start quoting toby keith songs
I work my ass off, pay gobs of taxes, wouldn't touch PBR without a hazmat suit zipped up tight, and I loathe this dick nut excuse for a society. And what's with the listing of all the Mother Theresa liberal goodness at the end? Are we supposed to be going, "Oh my god, I totally misjudged this guy! This totally rips my head!" Ummm ... no. You are still a douche. A self-rightous eavesdropping douche.
Almost forgot ... #11 (la beav), you win my private comment of the week award. No skeezy movie tickets or coupons for free fish, but you do rock.
Shut your corpulent cake-hole, Anon. Whining about whiners is like to fucking for celibacy. Practice what you preach.
Another fucking holier than thou cyclist....
I love the recitation of acceptable liberalisms, as if they make any of his points even remotely valid; I thought people still got acquainted with fallacies in their junior high years...