Maybe you should stop applying for bartender jobs, dude.
Never apply for any SI job that advertises on craigslist and actually uses the word, "rockstar," in the ad. If I were a rockstar, I wouldn't need your shitty job, pal.
Sisya, I would like to assume you didn't mean this, but from your comment it necessarily follows that people who who excel at their work never have to leave their job for any reason at all, ever. Even "rockstars" find themselves needing a job once in a while.
Fuck anyone that uses the terms "rockstar" or "guru" in a job post/ad, whatever the job. Seriously, stop doing that.
nwspirit, I didn't mean anything of the sort. If I were a ROCKSTAR, (not a "rockstar barista!" or a "rockstar mixologist!" or a "rockstar super sales guy!"), I wouldn't be checking job postings on craigslist. Because I'd be an actual rockstar. That is all.
What Never Alone said, too. Also, I hate restaurant ads that talk about their "concept."

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