Portland has one of the highest rental occupancy rates in the country. Somehow I don't think Landlords are losing sleep over their pickings of tenants.
I bet the landlord was thinking the same thing.
Bad 'feng shui' BAH HA HA HA!!!
Wooooow. Please don't send another I, Anonymous whining about how you're homeless and couldn't find a decent place to live in a month. Living under a bridge is probably "bad feng shui" too.
At least you're recycling.
While we're on the subject, I click the "Multnomah County" filter because I'm looking for places in Multnomah County. Tagging your Beaverton-Gladstone-Tigard-Milwaukie listing as "Multnomah County" isn't fooling anyone; it's just annoying everyone.

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