This one really deserves a poll, so here's one.

Who are more obnoxious: pompous foodies or sanctimonious vegans?

I'm divided, because, on one hand, my idea of hell is the Berkeley Bowl (the Mecca for pompous foodies), but on the other hand, just the other day, Morrissey demonstrated that sanctimonious vegans can be the absolute worst people in the world.
Who is more likely to annoy the fuck out of you on a daily basis? That'd be (some) vegans.

Foodies? They'll annoy the fuck out of you on more like a monthly basis.
Foodies annoy me daily, but I work in the industry. 9 out of 10 have no clue what they're talking about and think they've got better palates than the sommelier.
Vegans aren't always sanctimonious (okay, a hell of a lot of them are, but there are a few nice ones, too), but foodies are always pompous.
Vegans are clever! They take something that totally isn't meat, and turn it into something that totally is meat! All in the name of becoming a kitchen Jedi, and being nice to animals or something (never mind that the animals themselves already know they're going to be eaten at some point, and really don't give a fuck what our shoes are made out of)... Except that they don't do this. What they actually do is limp to the nearest food co-op and buy the first thing they see with the words "Field Roast" printed on the packaging. But that's no small task for a trust fund bartender who hasn't had real protein in five years, so I say give 'em a break... they *must* be less annoying than foodies!
God, I want to be a Travel Channel shill.
The griping about vegans is a textbook example of what's known as Gregory's Law: people hate others' complaining but still reserve the right to complain as much as they want themselves. A minority of nonvegans is so irritated by the minority of irritating vegans that they fill the internet up to brimming with moaning about annoying vegans without considering that they, themselves, are just as annoying, or more so. Every time I come to Blogtown, I see the same old griping about vegans, devoid of any insight or humor whatsoever.
Geyser is clever! He figured out that I'm complaining! He's even less annoying than the vegans!
I have yet to meet any of these sanctimonious vegans you all complain about. I think they are a figment of your imagination.
For one thing, I'm still sticking with that "(some)" I put in front of "vegans". For another, yes: one could indeed make really clever vegan food, but lots and lots of people don't. Perhaps it's a little bit of puritanism left in there - "I do not Deserve tasty food when there are animals and third world people suffering"- or it's just restaurants being sadistic -"hey, consider yourself lucky I even put tofu on the menu; if you want seasoning, make your own damn scramble"- I dunno. Glad I don't really give a shit.
meat is filthy, give me some well seasoned tempe, any day!
People have the right to eat meat. People have the right to be vegan. It's a lifestyle choice. Vegans only annoy me when they do that close-talking un-interupted eye contact proselytizing thing.

I just don't want anyone telling me what to eat, or judging on me for eating it, regardless of the fact that I am a conscientious eater/shopper/whatever I live in Portlander.

But foodies? 100% annoying.
I say kill them both and let God sort them out. Of course if there is no God and the atheists are right (vegan atheists?) they are fucked. Oh well, moving on. Actually i agree with SugarSpill......they are both annoying but I will take preachy over pretentious anyday
@Tommy, that was funny as hell, guess Geyser did'nt get it. Actually I have Vegan friends who are not preachy or sanctimonious. Then again, they don't advertise it. Makes you wonder who really is doing it for ethical/health reasons and who just craves attention
Just because you thought it was funny doesn't mean I didn't get it. My comment wasn't directed at Tommy anyway. It was just a general observation about all the relentless, tedious moaning (and repetitive, unfunny jokes) about vegans that follow any mention of the word. It just seems to me that it's up there with fixies and tight pants on the "played out" scale.
Most vegans I know (quite a few) don't go around talking about veganism unless people provoke or otherwise question them about it, so where's the source of this annoyance that people need to complain to the world about? I'm sure some vegans are annoying about the subject, but that's not because their dietary choice makes them annoying but rather because those individuals are essentially annoying people.
I think the point of this post was missed by most of you responders...it's not really about dietary preference...it's a gripe about cooks who fucking suck and think they have super skills! I know, I've worked with quite a few of these God's Gifts in Portland...and you know what? fuck most of you! You suck! You bounce around a line with your fresh-from-cordon-bleu attitude and dansko clogs with your shitty macy's wustof knives and bandaids all over your fingers like little bitches! Most of you can't cook! Learn how to fucking cook....learn the basics of flavor profiling...practice proper technique...and damn...taste it before you dole it out, idiot! It's really isn't that hard to mke food taste like it should....GOOD. PosterPerson? Thankyou. I think I love you. Spread the word, yo. Restaurants? don't hire these fucks unless they can cook you something tasty in a working interview.
As a vegan, I think I can shine some light on our side of the equation. Having been fully vegan for five years now, I actually find it quite annoying when people hound/press/inquire/challenge/poke holes in my diet (I don't get after you because you don't like tomatoes, dick).

My sense is that the most preachy vegans are the ones who became vegan because they read some fucking internet article and decided to become a vegan. These people invariably: 1. Will go back to eating meat within six months or 2. Cheat on their vegan diet constantly and secretively, and will continue to do so while also continuing to proselytize.

I'm a vegan for moral, health, ecological and actually faith-based reasons. These reasons for my diet make it so that I don't feel the need to get high-and-mighty to validate my dietary choices, nor do I feel and difficulty in maintaining my diet because I actually want to live this way.

Animal rights activists are the absolute fucking worst, though.
As a cook for 7 years I have to say, I don't mind cooking something off menu for a vegan or vegetarian. I cook to make people happy. If you want to wait 20 minutes for me to make you a risotto without chicken stock, then I'll do my damn best to make sure you enjoy it. However I am a huge advocate for meat, I read The Jungle in high school too and guess what, foie gras is still my favorite food. Not to say I don't admire people for being vegan, anyone with that kind of conviction deserves a medal...or a padded cell at the very least.

Foodies on the other hand, I'm not really sure where to start. For one, I believe the majority of foodies dont give a shit about food. In the media-centric blogging circle jerk that is America, what better a way to throw your opinions into cyberspace than with food. Imagine yourself a restaurant owner, would you prefer the vegan guest who politely asks to have the calves brain bruscetta sans calves brain (the mortal sin it may be)...or the pompous foodie who eats the meal then goes home to tweet to his or her hundreds of local followers that the dish was not cooked properly when they have never ever seen, let alone cooked a calves brain.

Bottom line being that foodies have far more of an impact on restaurants and people in the business than vegans do. As long as your not dumping pigs blood on my doorstep, (I may be recalling a great black pudding recipe right now) long live the vegan consumer.
You are not Dennis Miller. Dennis Miller isn't even Dennis Miller anymore. He's a Fox News shill, and you can see it on his face with every pointless appearance. At least he has the decency to kind of admit he's a phony. You don't. Therefore, using every opportunity to put "fuck" in a sentence (a crutch that shows lack of imagination) and opening your idiot mouth to bitch about some far-reaching "foodie/vegan" conspiracy to rob you of your God-given right to float through life without conviction, unimpressed and unamazed by the world around you, only shows that you're passé and an insecure asshole. Hipsters that truly don't give a shit are _almost_ worse. You think you're cool because you don't have a tattoo and can do something "neat" with vague stereotypes? Are you kidding? Real journalism may be tough, but anyone writing an anonymous word-fart can drop an f-bomb in that bitch and get a few cheap laughs. It takes a special skill to fuck up cheap sarcasm. Develop an argument or cultivate an idea that makes people rethink their way of looking at the world. Then you've got bragging rights and are a real journalist.* It's all about respecting people: don't treat 80% of them like they're not worth anything.

* Now, make a vegan sausage that is as tasty as a fresh pig? Then you need to start signing you checks: "Son of God".