Yes. Like indeed.
America is FAAAAAAT
Seriously I feel for these people and their health issues, but HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU GET THAT FAT TO BEGIN WITH? It did'nt happen overnight, that is for damn sure
There's another (and really obvious) way to look at this: Some people get fat because they HAVE to use a hoveround and pain meds. They are disabled, and can't exercise. Sure, not everyone, but jesus, man, have at least a LITTLE compassion. Your dramatic aversion to overweight people probably says more about you than about them.
At anatta: Sure, "thin" people are bitchy, just as fat people are funny and jolly, and ALWAYS have some sort of disability (SEE FIBROMYALGIA), or Prader-Willi syndrome which is extremely rare, yet is somehow now the leading cause of obesity. Because nobody in the world could be fat due to eating "food" from the drive-thru, or a whole package of fat-free cookies washed down with 5 liters of Moutain Dew per day. And maybe, just maybe, disability isn't the catch-all grand excuse it used to be. I am disabled now, as are multitudes of other healthcare providers, BECAUSE of lifting fat people. Am I fat now? NO FUCKING WAY.

And at the healthcare providers: how can we expect patients to maintain healthy weight when they receive healthcare advice from an overweight hypocrite?
Or taking anti psychotics will make one HUGE!
However its the constant drug seeking heroin/meth/benzo/alcohol addicted bags of shit that come to the ER acting like big helpless babies that expect everyone else to take care of them, they are the ones that need to truly fuck themselves off. The fatties cannot hold a candle to those losers.
Anon, you must've forgot to lift with your legs, not your back. Thus, your purported disability from lifting fat people.
Jus' sayin'.
So much for 'diversity'.
There are thin, otherwise healthy people who have fibromyalgia. Just because the medical community does not yet understand the condition does not mean that it is imaginary.

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