Cold nights and lonely kitties


Yeah, you're either not telling the whole story and there's more to why your cat got taken away, or your a gigantic pussy who folds at the first pseudo-threat thrown at you.
What kind of cat-lover hopes any cat, even one belonging to someone they hate, gets hit by a car?
Fuck you anonymous piece of shit. Never wish the death of a cat (or any animal) because its human companion is a tool. I hope you die, fuckwad.
Well, sorry about your, cat that is lame. Given your state of emotional and rational development you are indeed making a good choice in not having children. Thanks! There are enough poster children in this City as it is
I concure. Atleast this I, Anon seemingly won't be doing any breeding him/herself. There's far too many people here as is.
This person's also a piece-o-shit for wishing death upon another animal. It does sound like his/her neighbor is really shitty, though.

There's also a chance we're not getting the whole story. That could be said about most things we read on-line though.
Besides wishing death on the neighbor's animal, I can understand the complaint. Some people are just like that but what it takes, isn't an anonymous complaint, although it helps with venting, but to stand up for yourself, get in your neighbors face and tell them how you feel- humble them.
Don't wish death on the kitty!!!
To me it sounds as the type that wants to seem Sophisticated, but ends up coming across as a Unrefined Bitch.
She not only took the cake, she left it out in the rain.
Four out of nine commenters have the spelling and grammar chops to correctly harness the power of the English language...
Why thank you, Tommy. I do my best.
Maybe I don't understand the fine points of cat ownership, but if someone wanted to take my dog away, I'd fight tooth and nail before I'd let them- up to and including finding a new apartment/landlord. With any pet, the human takes on the responsibility. Sounds like maybe Anonymous wasn't capable of that responsibility.
"Fluffy love nugget"?? WTF are you some kind of perv?
lol Truth lmao...