Anonymous Aug 25, 2011 at 9:28 am


I call this one BS. If you have all that information and you can do nongood with it, why scream BOOO from behind a palm? Also, how can you see the car if it goes back to Florida? You should recapitulate before the orange really hits you. That should benefit you in a wide array, as in which you have done nothing wrong in this state. The cross between West Burnside onto 18th is no good either.
Leaky what the fuck are you talking about? Don`t you see the accuser has all the handles on delivering this dumbshit fuck to the proper authorities? 6 degrees of separation is a concept you should know before giving your opinion on things that don`t concern you. Again, you see this I,Anon is saying his life was threaten by the dumb who`s accused? Maybe this is a lot graver than you think, you could relax and maybe give yourself the luxury of chilling out for a bit, Leaky, before giving your non-profesional advise, because this things have their timing. Obviously you don`t have any bad feelings or feel bad for always stirring up or bringing up problems in this Portland Area Blog. Be somehow serious even if your`re a commuter. You can chill and enjoy the rest of the weekend feeling reassured.
It doesn't matter where the driver's from. No one stops at the pedestrian crosswalk lights. I've lost track how many times I've seen drivers plow through the red light at SE Hawthorne x 16th, cutting off anyone who's trying to cross there.
@ B.D - Back the fuck off leaky before the orange hits you...besides you aren't smart enough to take him on; that's my job /snickers....

Anon, I'm glad you got the plate do something with it because so far you just come off as a Passive type...
Chill out B.D, I was suggesting an easy way out.

@Conflic_Artist: You`re an Imbecile, Pleasant Lady.

@Dmitir:Yeah, but those assholes at SE Hawthorne & 16th never stop and they take the next intersection which is a long one and there is when they crash. Keep on going and don`t have time to swift down on the brakes when they are already in deep shit. Those moderfuckers should have taken lessons from supercar drivers, or they will most likely face the consequences.
Thank you Leaky. Although you are projecting much more than you know...I still appreciate the attention...
Jeez BD, smoke a doobie or something.
Nyeah! I call BS too. After all, everyone knows *cars* don't kill people--people kill people. And guns. And heart disease.
It's Anita Bryant, isn't it? Sorry to tell you, but oranges don't stop her...they only make her stronger!
I slept fully clothed (jeans, t-shirt, etc) yesterday and I intend to do the same today. I ain`t changing a thing.
Avocado's would be better.........just saying. Hey Anon, did you soil yerself during this incident? Details!

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