Anonymous Aug 26, 2011 at 2:34 pm


This is a pressing issue in your life, seriously? If 'hep-cat' guy annoyed you THAT badly, why didn't you just call him out for being a dickweed to his face?

Damosa is essentially correct here. Too many people equate passivity with politeness and confrontation with violence but neither are necessarily true. If you have a problem with someone don't be passive confront the problem otherwise you are helping to create norms. The norm being acting like an inconsiderate douche is okay because no one ever tells them otherwise....
Man, I thought I was impatient.
"...we've all got places to be."

But wherever you go, man, *there you are*! No need to be rushing hither and thither. Just chill. Either that or get passive-aggressive next time and creep up in his personal space, blowing your nose, coughing, muttering to yourself.
Todd, except for the passive-aggressive part that's very zen-esque. I like it. Waiting in line for something gives us a good opportunity to practice mindfulness and patience but there is patience and then there is "just come on dude there are other people on this planet"...
The comments are WAYYY more entertaining than this absolutely dreadful posting. Not sure if the author wants sympathy for their "plight", or pity for how sorry their life is.
Nah, fuck what the rest of these people say, Anonie: you know damn well that this isn't actually all that world-shaking of a problem, and there was nothing all that cowardly about not shitting on this idiot in person because who the fuck cares?

And we all feel that way about people like the person you described, so hey; why the fuck not?
Is "hep-cat" the new "hipster"?
No, "hep-cat" is the OLD hipster
Well, I'll sympathize with this person. I hate it when people move slowly too. I don't find hipsters to be the worst offenders in that regard, however. Am I the only one who sort of thinks hipsters are cute?
@seanpdx.....probably not. I find them a little on the dry side.............perhaps marinating would help
Wow. I was totally smitten at "hep cat." I'm picturing Dobie Gillis glaring at Maynard G. Krebs. Cool, baby.
OP is full of shit. All MCL libraries show dvds spine out.

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