So, you want credit for doing what you're SUPPOSED to do?
I don't think this person's asking for credit. I think he/she's asking for certain people to lighten up.
Screw that - a trashcan normally stinks, but add a dog load or two in there and let it cook in the horrible.

Lighten up? Suck it up and carry that little load of fun your precious pooch deposited to your own trashcan.
It's half taking responsibility. Take that bag home to your trash. We're not allowed to use other people's paid services without permission, even if it's convenient. Perhaps you want to use their wifi or phone while you're there as well or help yourself to their hose... TOOL lol.
This seems like such a ridiculously pety and trite thing to even get "up in arms" about. Do we really have it THAT good here in Portland?
I have it that good
Pretty sure that's the point of this blog. Write an entry about the mind-boggling, weighty gripes you have and we'll see how it goes.
Vote: Not full of shit at all!

Tie the bag and drop it in the nearby trash.
People do it with our trash (which we could chose to move inside/to a less accessible place if we too were so wrapped up in such petty bullshit) all the time, it's never once caused the smell to become unbareable nor has it caused us to not have room for our own garbage.

Jesus fucking christ, how unhappy do you have to be to chose to waste your time/energy worry about things like this?
If the trash is at the curb, waiting to be picked up, and not overflowing, hell yeah I'm dropping a bag of crap in there. Any other circumstances and I'm dropping it off at a 'public' trash can or my house. Works for me.
Shit just got real.
@Damosa- I have to give you credit here...I agree 100% with your statements. People should lighten up and this is a very petty thing, which would indeed suggest that the garbage can owner has much larger (deep seated) issues that they should be focusing on...
Keep your fucking dog off my lawn. Even if you "pick it up," a shit stain remains, along with countless harmful microbes that are likely to be tracked into my house. Your dog, your responsibility. Train it to shit in your own yard, and spare me your childish indignation.
I always throw my cigarette butts in peoples' cans, rather than on the ground, and I just KNOW I'm gonna get yelled at one of these days...
I anons like this make wish it were legal to shoot people AND their shitty pets! Why does this asshole feel entitled
to place the dog shit in MY trash can just because he/she is picking his/her dog's shit up, after s/he allowed the fucking mutt to shit in MY yard??? I would love to catch the idiot letting his/her dog shit in my yard, I'd hose them both down with my gardening hose!

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