Everytime you see someone with their arm in a cast, you just automatically assume they injured themselves falling off a bike?
I wouldn't advise going around kicking people. It's very likely you are going to kick the wrong person and get your teeth knocked down your throat.
Go ahead. Luckily my fixie is light enough to make an excellent bludgeoning tool.
Internet violence threats are so 2005. As for you Anon, I am not fond of those tools either but it's hardly worth going to jail for assault, is it now? Someone sounds like they need anger management
I recently broke my arm on my bicycle because a FUCKING CAR hit me without signaling for a right turn and then DROVE AWAY without stopping. Despite this, I do not fly into a blind rage every time I see a vehicle.

How can you be angry at someone for being hurt? What the fuck is wrong with you? They are the ones in slings, not you. Fucking idiot.
Whoa. Just to review, IA, it's ONE of the green pills and TWO of the little yellow ones each morning.
Please do kick the fixie fuck tards! Actually jam a pipe or thick stick in their spokes. That would really show them with a fucking awesome face plant!

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