Anonymous Aug 31, 2011 at 9:52 am


He hates you now, hates Portland, and is canceling the show. Thanks a lot.
Fuck Fred Armisen. He isn't funny and he is ruining Portland. I hope he suffers clinical depression due to your witty insult.
I can guarantee that he doesn't give one shit about you. So you can rest easy.

But I am interested to know what your "insult-that-will-somehow-bring-us-closer" line was.
I'm confused, should I, except your apology, or accept it? Either way, I was not offended by your off the cuff remark. You have to recognize I am heckled by several times a day and cannot afford the time to oblige you all. I forgive you one and all by the power of Jesus Christ.
*I am sure that is what he would say.
I would take exception to the apology, but agree with bald britney that JC should have the last word on this fine work of prose.
Sadly, Fred will never see your apology in the course of his daily ego-surfing, because you spelled his name wrong. Wait...was that part of the witty insult? To call him ArmiNsen instead of Armisen. Too clever by half, Anon!
You have another chance this Sunday Sept. 4 at his show at The Woods!
Fred Armisen is an annoying hipster tool.
Anatta is a judgmental fool, at the very least you spelled his name correctly. Congratulations, asshole.

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