Pedestrians - Seize Your Right of Way


Next day's headlines: Pedestrian fatality in hit-and-run after not acknowledging that not all motorists pay attention or give a shit when someone is crossing the street.

This is pre-school shit. Look both ways before crossing the street and wait for traffic to stop before crossing.

"I'm not saying I am completely suicidal about it, self preservation is important."
Really? Could have fooled me.
'STOP LOOK AND LISTEN!' Do not just just stroll out into the crosswalk assuming all will see you and acknowledge your right of way.
Left right left... Youaredeadright.
Bullshit. I've watched two major accidents happen because a pedestrian just strolled into traffic without giving any vehicles a chance to notice them. Having the right of way doesn't mean to you get to be a moron who endangers the safety of others.
Some people just like to make sure that some bitch talking on her cellphone isn't going to run them over. Just saying.