What's the saying?, "when you point a finger at someone else you are really pointing three fingers at yourself".
Nick? Is that you??
This is true frankieb. When you point the finger at someone else there are always three pointing right back at you. But this is really a psychological mind fuck. The person can't be talking about someone else.

You can't really judge someone else's psyche so intimately without having some part of your self that relates to it. Thus, if it was intended for someone else it is mere projection. The person is hating something of themselves they see in someone else.

It is also likely that they are polishing the mirror so to speak. They see themselves (the truly fucked up part) and are at a point of acceptance. Perhaps there is hope after all but then again self-loathing can lead down a very dark road...
You have turned into an advanced Psychology teacher. Look up infinite mirrors and shut up for a while.
I wouldn't say advanced as you put it but I am a student and am liberally educated. But knowing any of this stuff comes from experiencing it and can't always be taught by "advanced psychology" teachers but has to be realized. Looks like I hit a few triggers. Sorry if that upsets you. It wasn't my intention to hurt you but just to point you toward yourself. I hope you can get something useful from it.
It was meant for me too?
I'd gladly work for 'sucky sucky.' Does anyone know how I can arrange an interview?
? are you asking me? I thought you wrote it. but it says "all yall" so maybe it was intended for all of us in Portland or all hipsters but I stand by what I said in #3...
confusion is failure CA.
^That was @ number 6 sorry for any additional confusion to the already confused confusers
omg rofl
Still confused.
Silent? I know your inner spirits and your souls HAHAHAHA
that's alright, it'll subside eventually...
when one doesn't counterfeit to the original the most common reaction is to "subside" in many ways and then start living again. Packing all those memories and hopefully when looking in the mirror one will obviate and be keeping being who was before, just in another place. see.
Then the original is just being and the counterfeit the self trying to find a position for the self, with the mirror acting as a regression of self or the realization that there isn't one, only being?
I Advance Masked.
@frankieb: I have that record, too! It's not as good as the other things Fripp was doing at the time, but it has its moments.
Discipline rocks still !!
I remember going into my fave record shop at the time and hearing the first track of "I Advance Masked" playing and just knowing it was Fripp on guitar.
I better stop. I totally dork out on Fripp. (Eno, Roxy, etc etc. I'm a whore about some old prog rock)
Didn't that album came out Re-Mastered with Subterfuge Records?
*on Subterfuge Records.
Never got the re-master, just the original on vinyl.
Self-assured Portland youth attempt to mix Freud and Kerouac, sound like the horrible people that they are.

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