Anonymous Sep 18, 2011 at 3:29 pm


Also, beer-drinking rats get fewer tumors.
Through your Liberal Arts university programs I learn to sling coffee and write bad poetry.
You know, I think it was a giant mistake to make I, Anonymous into a daily thing. Yup, I said it.
I like it.
I like the message but they did say their creativity was stifled...
god, you`re so annoying C_A, why don`t you just go the way you came. Leave.
Oh, was that poetry?
Nope. That was "self-expression." Big difference.
This inspires shit my pants. Plllllttt!!!! Ppppllltttt!Oh gawd!Pppllttttt! Now that's poetry. Or is it art? I should sign up for TBA next year.
Well, shitting your pants could very easily be described as "self-expression," anyway.
or performance art.
Sorry C_A for shadowing you, apparently I can be pretty annoying myself. Sorry everyone else for cluttering the commentary with my half-witted negativity and my inability to add anything intelligent...
This was probably written by the person that posted EMWIBMOH. I have to remind my self that i'm not doomed to become that bonkers; I have Cycling, I have CYCLING, i have it, cycling i have, have it, have it! BAmpopwhack
you have a bike? Neat. i'm not her, but...hey! So do i! i've been looking for a dude that felt superior because he learned how to ride a bike when he was 3. How awesome is the superior throne of judgement that you are sitting on? Yay for you, big boy!
And people think I'm an asshole when I say critical theory leads to nihilism and another generation turning into worthless turds that sit around bitching and jerking off.

"And remember kids, people who need to believe in something are trash and/or the devil. Anyone who isn't totally negative, full of loathing and endless objection is part of the problem!"

Bollocks. For people who reject education, they sure have a hard time de-educating themselves. The stupidity on display here must be taught, I assure you. Oh, well. It's always nice to watch the counterculture self-annihilate.
Without Burning bra`s you`re nothing...wasn't that the 50`s?
This poem if you want to label it that, isn't to bad I've read worst. But it kinda makes the writer sound like they're in some sort of cult. Wake up brainwash zombies don't judge people's gender because they learned how to ride a bike at an "early" age & deeply enjoy cycling. I'm just glad I'm not a doped up useless piece of living, or have a damaging vice tagging me around okay!
English: It's a harsh taskmaster.
Let's sum this up:

I cannot see the trees for the forrest: check

I failed to see the irony that this literary device has proven, in other words the message is about me the commenter and I'm proving its point: check

It doesn't matter that this "poem" proves my stupidity, I will continue to bash any semblance of intelligence, firmly establishing my place among the ignorant masses: check

By saying this I am "sooooo annoying": check

Absolutely, because someone can say: "am smarter than the president of the United States", but that doesn't mean that you are smarter than the president of the United States. If you want to believe so, keep being my guest.
Leaky, just curious but what is your first language?
I learned 4 languages at the same time as first languages, what`s yours?
wow...what were the four? Was there a main one? Mine is English. I took Spanish classes years ago but forgot most of it. Also learned some Indonesian and Balinese from traveling. I want to learn French though...
On the fly those are a whole lotta tongues to remember...I learned some Mandarinian from cable access channel too.
haha, I want to learn that South African language- Xhosa. It's the one where they make all the clicking noises...
Well, do it then. Nothing is stopping you. If I wanted to learn to fart continuously I`d be on that 24/7 non stop.
Mike Daisey already has that covered lol
There you go...
My last comment was directed to #14 not that it matters but the person i was writing about apparently has a stalking problem which is more than fucked up. Don't do the creep just don't do it! It's creeping me out just thinking about someone stalking me...
haha yeah, I had a stalker in here and a previous anon as well. Goes by the name A_G, probably just one of his names but they are usually morons and eventually burn themselves out...
Does it creeps you out someone stalking you lookup?
I had a stalker once roughly 20 years ago who would show up at the factory I worked. Now I wouldn't now what to do as I have no close relationships to Lawyers or Law Firms of any kind. And taking in consideration am broke and also screwed. I wonder if in some cases Federal Laws apply AS WELL as International Laws. I get that from watching CSI MIAMI division.

You have a reverse imagination that`s cute to post in this column ConflictArtist. It's a gas.
Damn C_A , looks like your sucking bad blood for your next little posts.
haha, I expected it...He's right on Q. Also, I learned that I have a reverse imagination. I should have a scientist check it out as a new medical discovery and also try to employ it where I can make money. Perhaps it will come in handy with my writing.
Am sure it will come handy for some purpose. About my writin`s, I need a new keyboard. Shut up Little man.
In fakie:

Poetry is like rap attendees:

- My boombox is loud, generating G`s
motherfucker is on, so I got it on Repeat. -


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