Gehen Sei fort! Gehen Sie nach Hause!


As sunny as it may be in the plane, I'm surprised that your German is better than your English and that you can see China from your house.
Can someone PLEASE explain to this IA the difference b/t YOUR and YOU'RE?
I re-read to look for the racist angle, but couldn't find one.
Germany has a fascinating history, before the Nazi's and since.
... schools where you are from... yeah.
Wait, the Unabomber is Hawaiian? And Hawaii is right next to Asia? I gotta keep up....
The Hawaiian Islands as I understand are diverse with multiculturalism. Basically everyone is all mashed together for the most part.
Some tourist from the U.S. mainland or other parts of the world come over & have this idea that Native Hawaiians are living in grass huts, fire roasting their food on the beach. Or most people that are not from diverse hoods are not use to seeing people of other races which might lead to UN-P.C/ slightly racist questions or comments throw out there on a flight. I know that the tourism industries try to make Hawaii out to be something it's not. It's over-populated on some islands ( like most industrialized Islands)
I guess they had a run in w/a bubble person or swastika soccer moms&dads?
I think people who live in Hawaii are fed up w/ being bombarded w/tourist that disrespect the land, over crowd the already crowded roads & living spaces,take jobs etc. Just like PDX but without all the hipsters.