Yeah, I Know this is the Wrong Paper


If you think we can't tell you're a WW staffer trying to get us to visit your rag's blog, you're sorely mistaken. Misspelling "Willamette" was a rather desperate ploy. NO I DON'T WORK THERE, I CAN'T EVEN SPELL IT!
Don't be silly, Todd. I don't work for Willimotte Week or however the heck you spell it, but have you noticed that their blog has many interesting things to read? I'll bet most people here would really enjoy it.
Amen to that, totally unsolicited non-WW staffer who totally can't spell for shit either! But here's $10 that says Willymeat Weakly didn't use the phrase "Russian cat circus" ONCE this week, whereas The Mercury Sedan has used it with reckless abandon! And that, my friend, is quality writing.
WW blows "."