I am Soooo Slowwwww- Fuck you!


Since you seem unable to say "Fuck you!" to his or her face, then eat there one more time, say you're running away with a Russian cat circus, then walk away while shaking your head sadly.

If he or she knows where your business is, you'll have to rely on employees to run it, or, if you must show up there yourself: greasepaint moustache.
Just eat at another cart and quit whinning, sheesh.
And yet another crappy, whiney, IA.
Brings up the larger point though: there *are* too many fucking food carts, and a lot of them are owned by douchesacks.
Slow food cart means stale food and bad farts like that guy on the bus. Stay away!
If they make you uncomfortable with that, mention something half-jokingly about it (while making sure to express how great the food is) and then reflect it in the tip. They'll get the hint.