Will You Stop Trying to Run Me Over?


Right turns on a red light is a legal right.
Hurry your dumbass up and get the fuck outta my way.
It's legal to make a right on red, *after* you come to a complete stop and check for anyone else around in the intersection or who would have the right of way (e.g. a pedestrian crossing at an intersection). And they have no obligation whatsoever to hurry across so you can make your turn sooner and get where you're going four seconds sooner.
Driving in itself is a privilege in that it has to be earned by knowing and following the rules of the road. It can be (and should be more often) taken away if people are not exercising the proper caution and are habitually endangering others. (insert a serious cursing out here)
The intersection on 28th and Powell needs a light or a flashing crosswalk so bad. It's actually frightening to cross there. I've had an SUV screech to a halt 2 feet from me, honking, with a driver on a cell phone.
Be assured, I took the time and gave that bitch what for. As she rolled her eyes at me.

And same goes for you, cyclists! One of you fuckers almost smacked into me in a crosswalk when I had the right of way last week. And I don't care if you're wicked hot with a U lock sticking out of the back of your pants.(He was smoking hot, not gonna lie) My urge to fuck you evaporates when you endanger me.
The Pearl is an embarrassment to us all. I've seen scenarioes where all four cars at a four way stop will not let each other go, choosing to creep further and further into the intersection until all four converging streets have a long line of cars waiting to go. This happens every afternoon.
In some cases people will move towards the crosswalk in an attempt to create room for cars that are traveling straight through the intersection. It is a courteous maneuver that is sometimes perceived by the pedestrian as an attempt to "rush" them.
@SugarSpill: even if there was light there, Portland drivers would plow right through it (see SE Hawthorne x 16th, NE Sandy x 18th).

@frankieb: if you're going to do a 2nd rate Graham impersonation, you really need to post in all caps.
God, I can't wait for the day I land on the hood of Frankie's car and then he pays off my student loans.
Hey if you take the time to 'Stop, Look, and Listen' before you step out onto the cross walk, I will gladly stop and wait for you. But don't just step out and expect all drivers to be able to see you. Plus if you are a few steps away from the intersection don't expect us to read your mind and know whether you will be crossing or not.

And to you bike riders, cross walks are just that. They are not cross bike. I will not stop for you unless you get off your bike and walk it across.
Its more of a problem in NW and the Pearl because a large portion of the inhabitants and motorists are fucktards (true fact)
luckybulldog, you're wrong - bikers have the right of way in crosswalks just like pedestrians do, and don't have to dismount as long as they proceed "at walking speed". Please don't spread the dangerous misconception that cyclists aren't allowed to use crosswalks. ODOT even RECOMMENDS it in their 2010 Adult Bike Manual (http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/TS/pedestrian.s…, scroll to bottom for link - page 11, "Box-style" paragraph).