The World is Not Your Dining Room


fuck you. i'll eat where i like.
I take it you don't eat out much.
Hey this is fat America; get use to it. Everywhere you go you are going to see fat ass idiots stuffing their faces with toxic shit. You will see fat men, fat women, fat families and fat people making their children fat in front of your face (these fat types should be incarcerated for child abuse btw). Not too mention, you will see a complete disregard for their own disgusting fat bodies as they take their shirts off to eat or wear tights so everyone can get a closer look at their jiggly fat roles...This is fat America get use to it...
btw, I should add- these people even make their animals fat, ffs...
Yep. This one sucks too. I'm guessing you don't eat, ever, fucking asshat.
I think he was talking about the people who eat at bus stops and on the street. I see those types all the time and they are pretty gross. Eat like a pig in a restaurant if you want to, it doesn't make it any less gross. People who pride themselves on being offensive are beyond me. *looking at you scaler911*
Man, pretty much all these IA's are just whining bitch-asses who who seem waaay too concerned about other people's fucking business.
Totally agreeing with DamosA on this one.... Some of the commenters as sucking ass as well...
I hate dining out & watching people shovel their mouths w/ food. It really makes me hate food.

I think there's only one exception to that, when I'm on a long ride & I need quick energy I'm going to scarf that Clif bar/ gel pack gracefully down my throat. I have taken up learning the art of not choking while riding at a fast pace. It's a much needed skill in cycling &other areas I'm not going into.
"I hate dining out & watching people shovel their mouths w/ food."

So DON'T watch other people then, sheesh! Mind your own business. This isn't hard, people.
It's a very grandma-ish person indeed who has a problem with people eating in public. Seriously.
I agree with DamosA. Why is it so hard for these uptight pampered head cases to just not look at people's mouths while they eat?