I don't think it is socially acceptable to actually hate kids. People use it either as a source of comedy or as a ploy for attention. Don't know why you'd let yourself get so upset over the latter category -- it's not worth the psychological toll to seethe and hate folks who spout ridiculous opinions that don't actually influence anything.
If your parents didn't have you, then we wouldn't have to read this stupid rant...
Selfishness is not a valid excuse to over-populate the world. I don't hate kids (in fact I like them), I abhor the people that have too many of them.
Yeah, having too many is another matter.
Has anyone actually seen "anti-breeder" graffiti spraypainted anywhere?
Kids are horrible cretins. Morons like you continuously breeding only compound that problem.

Deal with it.
It because social acceptable to hate kids (and their parents) as soon as parents stopped treating them like kids ie never punishing them, talking to them like rational adults, bringing them to bars, etc. Don't want to hear the bitching, then pay for a baby sitter. Having children is a choice in our society, like all choices people are going to have opinions about it.
It "became" not "because". Silly me.
just keep it to two or less and your probably OK
@Steve R. Ha! Thanks.
Yeah, I objectively don't hate children, but we all cringe when we see someone doing a stupid job of raising them.

From the white trash mommy who smacks her kids 'cuz thats the way her parents treated her to co-parenting colleagues who would never dream of telling their kid to not run around screaming because that would be to deprive their little miracle of a chance to express its creativity, I tend to blame the parents.
having kids responsibly- in number, and in how they are raised- is very difficult and very important. So instead of blanket, anti-breeder cliches: support parents who do this, be a part of the child's life, teach them to be good, informed, proactive people. to combat the growing legions of dumbfucks we all know exist.
And to lysdestic who says "kids are horrible cretins": at least they have an excuse. You are apparently still one, and I'm assuming (but not sure) you are over the age of 12.
I love children. But we just hit 7 billion humans as a world populace.
We have reached caring capacity.
I think people should have the right to have as many children as they want. And I have the right to think that they're careless asshats who don't understand the future that those children face.
It's personal responsibility.
Kids are like farts. Mine are tolerable, yours are horrible.

And by mine I mean nieces and nephews because I chose the childfree life before some of you here were born.
Agree with pollo. It's not that kids are awful, but bad parenting most certainly is.
Don't you have brats to take care off? What are you doing HERE, bitching and whining for? 7 BILLION people on Earth THIS WEEK, in-case you haven't heard.

Keep it up, and pretty soon people will start falling off the planet, b/c gravity won't be able to hold us all!
"Has anyone actually seen "anti-breeder" graffiti spraypainted anywhere?"

NO! This IA is a goddamned liar. Just like Ann Coulter. At least SHE doesn't breed. Apparently, she can't.
Who doesn't love kids? It's the people selfishly creating them in this overpopulated world, sadly quite literally on the brink of environmental collapse, that are more than a touch inexcusable. Stop fucking pretending everything's gonna be okay and that technology might be able to save us. We're clearly screwed unless we all take responsibility for our own individual actions, and acknowledge the realities of our finite world. Dumping our current corporate capitalist economic ideology ain't a bad next step - that shit's proving to be as accurate and divisive as religion.
Maybe we should make sterilization compulsory for any couple with an excess of 2.5 children. That is clearly far too many.

And we should make abortion services more readily available - perhaps set up clinics in the mall - and pay people as if they were donating plasma. Also, the federal govt. can save billions each year by simply eliminating the child-tax incentive. If anything, the govt. ought to be penalizing people for having countless children. That extra $1000 per child in each tax return deserves to go to a WORKING single environmentally conscientious, responsible adult.
When I'm the ruler of all that I survey (via satellite), child rearing will happen thusly: there will be birth control in the water. In order to get the 'clean water' you will have to prove you have a job, an education, and take a class on how to properly keep your child from being a little ass hat. And you only get to have another (max of 2 total) if you didn't fuck it up the first time.
Extending further, electronic chips will be mandatory to all diaper wearers and when it smells it will send a small electricity voltage to the "responsable adult" in charge of the little wonder, increasing in power if its a public place, or corresponding to the odor and time consuming of the replacement. Monitoring these will be fine as well. (Babies and "Adults" alike) Like pets RFC chips. But with a twist. It will be fun!
to those who keep citing the "7 billion" number...its not as if it is the USA that is driving these numbers...
Noone was ever blaming the U.S. for over-population - not exclusively.
@20 Yeah totally, and like maybe the government industrial complex could put like sterilants in the water supply and vaccines and in commercial plastics...oh, they already do.
Well the govt. needs to make them more potent! Clearly it's not working.
Get a life, DamosA. HAHA. You post so much, it makes me sick.
I'm glad to see you check in often enough to notice. Even if you don't have the balls to start a formal account, unregistered comment*. But please, try not to get sick on MY behave.
Balls? Balls to start a formal account? You got to be kidding me. Ohhh, do I get an avatar? Does that make my balls bigger? Or is it the page that shows me and other viewers my comments? Does that make ones balls BIGGER?
Suck a nut Dumbosa.
And the fact that you keep changing your "screen name", unregistered comment* says alot about your character as well.
I never have defended my "character" you dipshit.
Lets get back to balls shall we? So how does registering myself give me balls as big as yours?
Am I suppose to believe that by using the moniker (damosa) and a picture of some dumb twat that it makes it so you are an internet tough guy? I see. In accordance with your theory of keeping the same screen name makes for a bad ass commenter type person. Afraid of no one.

So, to sum it all up, all ya gotta do is log on and show the world a picture of something (keep in mind, you get to stay as anonymous as a unregistered commenter) and whatever/wherever you write will have more credit and your balls will be bigger.

Shit bitch. How about that.

You the man then Dumassa.

How would you like to meet for a drink in person? No? Oh, right. Not such a tough guy after all.
Gosh, for soo many words, you have soo little to say. Are you mad, huh? Well you keep interjecting your 2-cents into debates you're clearly not qualified to even speak of. Then you engage in childish, ad-hominem, personal attacks and cyber-stalking... all done whilst cowering behind "unregistered comments".

So why would i even want to meet up with such a loathsome person as yourself (aside from you being a complete on-line stranger)? Obviously you're not very intelligent, not at all brave, and your character stinks. And i'll bet you have very poor taste in beer, as well.

This isn't a pick-up service dude. Take your butt over to the personals section if you want to "meet up" with someone.
Gosh, for soo many words, you have soo little to say(weird to read that last line after reading this trite attempt of a comeback). Are you mad, huh?(hardly) Well you keep interjecting your 2-cents into debates you're clearly not qualified to even speak of(you are right there buddy, I am not a registered commenter so I don't have big ass anonymous balls).. Then you engage in childish, ad-hominem, personal attacks and cyber-stalking(1-you are just as much of a child, punching out responses to mine at ungodly hours..2-personal attacks?wtf? 23-Cyber stalking by the way of googling your moniker? Cyber stalking really?)... all done whilst cowering behind "unregistered comments". (Again, how are you so much MORE "registered"? Ok, that does it, I will create an account today just to show you how much of an idiot you are. Maybe you will get it. maybe).

It was in jest when I spoke of meeting up with you. Clearly by hiding behind your keyboards you are a pussy as well, you jack ass. Isn't that why we are all here to begin with? To yell and then hide. Oh, wait. You have a name to go with your comments. You are not hiding then!???

So why would i even want to meet up with such a loathsome person as yourself (aside from you being a complete on-line stranger)? Obviously you're not very intelligent, not at all brave, and your character stinks. And i'll bet you have very poor taste in beer, as well.

(jees, you are wack)

This isn't a pick-up service dude. Take your butt over to the personals section if you want to "meet up" with someone.

(nice try. If I wanted to hook up with someone, it wouldn't be with a cumspotted louse such as yourself. It also wouldn't be on-line. That shits for social retards(yes, like you MR. log-on-24hours-a-day).

In truth, I think you are a stubborn, sad, dipshit and as soon as my foot heals and I'm able to return to the office, I'll leave the registered vs unregistered comment policing to the abortion that should have been you.

PS-I have to ask? Did you ever have a life at one point in time?
Man, i didn't even bother reading this time. You should write a blog, dude.
Oh come on. You read it as you are reading this.

At least answer me this: now that I'm a "registered" user, can I join your stupid club of retards w/no life who log on 24/7 all to chime in behind my keyboard(s)? I'll even talk smack to people (like the old me type) who aren't registered users yet either.

Also? Do i have to keep these dumb ass facial piercings or is it all part of belonging to some hip tribe?

Oh and last word.....(:
I love kids, simply love 'em. Especially with a nice bearnaise sauce and a side of steamed wild greens. Yum.
So who do you think is more delicious, Ron? White or Black kids?
No response yet, Ron? C'mon ,now. Don't get all Herman Cain on me. Just answer a simple question.

If you have the balls, that is.
he has the balls. look at him, he is a REGISTERED USER.

ya fucknut.
I bet you won't say that to my face!
In the small world you live in, I just did.

Also, last word bitch.
Actually, you didn't.

And i have the last word, so there.
28th and Burnside. Tonight. 8pm. Lets see who has the last word you pussy. In the meantime, last word.

-sent from my middle finger
Dude, if you wanna set up a play date, you're going to have to pick a more romantic place than some street corner. I'm not that type of fellow.
You guys can go to starbucks! The pumpkin spice latte is wonderful
Starbucks, ew, NO! They're the OPPOSITE of romantic! I wanna go to a Japanese steakhouse.
Get a room you two. Last Word.
Why don't you get ME a room!
Fuckin epic exchange. Painful, but epic.

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