Hit And Run Holiday


No dis, honestly. But i just have to ask - why wouldn't your insurance cover your medical bills if YOU were hit by another person?
Oh DamosA, health ins don't work like car ins.
That having been said, why didn't you get the drivers name or liscense plate, etc?
If they got out of the car to ask about you it seems you clearly had an opportunity to get info.
Then this rant a YEAR LATER?
Did you not read the part where they said they were in shock? I doubt they had the wherewithal to get a plate number at the time of being unexpectedly struck by a heavy blunt weapon.
Did the car come out of nowhere? No, you stepped into the street expecting the world to screech to a halt. Cars are big and very heavy and take time to stop. Look both ways before you step into the street, dumbass.
Wonderful Merc. commentors here. A person gets run over by a hit-and-run driver, but THEY'RE a "dumbass" for it.
Portlanders have a horrible habit of stepping into the road without looking both ways. Inflated sense of entitlement? Lack of early road-crossing education? Perhaps. Dumbass? Absolutely.
BokChov, Drivers have a habit of lingering at intersections and turning unexpectedly. People cannot drive in this city. You can fucking drop dead you cunt, male or female. I'm glad you take lives so easily just so you don't have to exercise your fat ass.
seanpdx. I ride a bike.

Way to reduce your seemingly intelligent comment to the lowest common denominator. Dumbass.
Do you even know how to pose a credible, illogical falicy-free counter-arguement WITHOUT calling someone a "dumbass"?
DamosA. Thanks for a statement that not only contradicts itself; it also includes horrible spelling, bad grammar and a wanton abandonment of proper punctuation. It amazes me that so many people are trying to shoulder their way into the category of "Dumbass". Welcome aboard, son.
Well said BokChoy. Ya know, if you weren't a "registered user" you could expect him to try and egg you on with that angle.

The stupid chode probably got clobbered a few years back for a good reason. Makes you wonder.....
Hit and Run Holiday? Sounds like the title of a white-trash Christmas anthem