Condescending Nature Boy


A tong war? Let's cool this off before too much blood gets spilled.…
Grow up you dirty old hippy. The store can get fined a minimum of $500 for not having those tongs. You mistook being "snide" for "not-wanting-to-get-fired". Oh but you couldn't give a crap as they will just replace him with another schlep to package up your Camembert for 9 bucks an hour. Heres a thought:If I ever see someone (even as dexterious as you bub) grab food with your bare hands, I won't touch it and I won't know how good it was and ultamitely,I won't buy it. You know who gets hurt? It's the small local cheese monger trying to make a sale. Cool huh?
YOU just want your freebie and fuck everyone else.

So. Next time, ASK for some goddamn tongs instead.

You nasty ass self absorbed smug twat, stay the fuck out of movie madness as well.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return," he said, condescendingly.
Sad_Mao, didn't you learn ANYTHING from watching the Lion King? I dont think Movie Madness has an Anger Issues Help Section, or any issues help section at all. (correct me if am wrong, season 2 of Start Trek when they kinda become friends with the Klingons doesn't count), so the "nasty ass self absorbed smug twat" I bet cha would have no problems with not finding you there.

Havent you thought if who is attending you grabs your food with his hands its so you wouldn't come back to that fine establishment no more? Thats a well applied technique that works miracles.
So grabbing a free food sample at a grocery store has to become some sort of "issue" now? SHEESH!

Portland has GOT to be the passive-aggressive capital of the world!
Keep your damned, dirty paws off the cheese, dude!
I'm with deft fingaz on this one. Everyone's too damn germophobic these days. Have you seen the fear-mongering signs in bathrooms now ASKING you to turn off the water and open the door with a towel? That's straight up paranoia...
You will get me to open the door with a paper towel when you force me to do it with my cold, dead, fecal-spray flecked hands, sir.
"Yo, you dirty old skrell, put the damn cheese down and use the tongs." There. That better?
maybe he should have asked you to put your hands in everyones mouths instead, because thats clearly what you were trying to do. its gross, and yes, a condescending tone is appropriate because thats what you get when you're an adult who behaves like a child. i have no idea how modern lit has anything to do with this, but cling to it, because its making you feel better about being funky dirty in public.