I Saw You's Suck!


I like how you say "earth colored clothes." I don't think you mean blue, green, and white. They were dirt-colored clothes, weren't they?
Um, how is this any better than posting an actual I Saw U, Anon? It actually translates as far more cowardly when you consider that waaaay more people read the I Saw U column (which is not just for "complete and total losers", by the way).
Earthtones, and crock potting -- my heart just skipped a beat. Was there also discussion of macramé and microwave cookery?
man when his testicles finally drop he is definitely gonna be fighting off the ladies...
You- Marginally cute girl with horrible fashion sense riding your bike down Mississippi, oblivious to my existence.

Me- Fucking dork in a Motley Crue hoodie that saw you riding said bike and have been obsessing on it for the last 5 days. Coffee sometime?

Just about every I Saw You ever written
There's a certain lady in the Bridgeport area who's just read this and is sticking her head in her crockpot to commit very slow suicide.