Missing Portland


Great, one less person who throws around the word "pretentious" without really understanding what it means.
Great, another commenter bursting at the seams with life lessons.
If by "life lessons" you mean "making a simple observation," then OK.
I'm pretty sure it's an apt use of the 'p' word, there. It gets thrown around a bit too much as far as Portland goes, but I don't think it's inaccurate.

I wasn't aware that our city had a habit of making overblown claims about itself that are actually not true.
Well, that's not the entirety of the definition. In general, "pretension" refers to a person or group or entity or whatever who/which is pretending toward something it is not or can't be. While it's stupid to claim that an entire city is pretentious, it can safely be said about a great many of its inhabitants.
I believe my brief definition was accurate and is not very different from what you're saying. I also find that the word one of the most overused and misused words one is likely to hear people using on a regular basis. It's a lazy insult that doesn't really say much except perhaps about the person using it. And for generalizing about "a great many of its inhabitants," then it's just as true that a given country is pretentious or that the world is pretentious (and annoying, for that matter). Not a very interesting thing to say, but then nor is this conversation, probably, including my own part in it.
I dunno. A lot of things to be said there: You started it. That's one.
*That's* what you noticed, geyser, and not the syntactical fall from the high wire in the penultimate sentence?
is this I,A saying goodbye to all Portland? to the city? I dont get it. I,A will meet a city down the line? Writers/Readers nightmares.
geyser, love the new avatar. wish I thought of it first.
But, you do realize how pretentious you sound, right?
heh heh.
Holy shit, never saw that one coming.
But I do like that two separate comment threads on I,A this week have ignored their boring or stupid topics in lieu of discussions of language. A+, us.
@ Sad_Mao ~ i am a lover of you. Your DamosA anagram is brilliant & i smile with glee at your awesome machismo assaults. WamosA rocks, as well, but he has been far too silent. Thank you, Sad_Mao, for all that you do. <3
And Leaky ~ i bet you are the best to get stoned with. i would never have to worry about non-sensical talk that made perfect sense to me, & noone else. Who are you? What do you do? You are are rare species all your own. Bravo!
Thanks kalikill. This is a weird place huh? Here we lurk in the peanut gallery with a middle finger for a mascot.
@kalikill: men, you had to pick me AND Sad_Mao, why, why? Of all the commenters which are here...
comedy bits are often written, yeah, Ill give you that Jake.
@Leaky ~ Because you are wonderful & thoroughly unique. That's why. i've been reading you for a few years now. Why would you not appreciate the love?