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I hope you get angry and someone demands twenty dollars! I hope you get thrown down the stairs and are then charged a fee! I hope you git bashed upside the head and have to get your apology notarized! I hope your snowmobile flips over, trapping you beneath! At night, the ice weasels come!

The Anonie has a point. Retriever Towing already is well known for being a shit company. I look forward to this campaign, though this is the first I've heard of it.
Fuck Gary Coleman too.
Here is what you do. This will make you fucking legendary. First, work your ass off and buy a decent tow truck. Then, follow Retriever trucks around until they are unoccupied and hook your tow truck up to their tow truck. Then take the truck down to the Cathedral Park boat ramp and put het Retriever truck in neutral. Unhook the truck and repeat as necessary.
Personally, I'd love for Gary Coe to get evicted from his home after being extorted $1000+ from legalized thieving. It would be beautiful to see that man and his family end up on the streets, forced to degrading prostitution, sucking and fucking their way through survival because some sick headfuck ex-con mistakenly ripped off their only lifeline to income. That son of a bitch should burn in hell, and I wouldn't shed any tears if someone put him or his family there. Coe and his companies have certainly ruined enough people’s lives, he should be fearing for his life by hiding in a hole from all daylight, instead of walking around with his head held high looking for a public endorsement.
LOL! You guys are funny. Violence is NOT the answer... BUT Gary does need to take "personal responsibility" for his actions. Someone needs to look into a business that he doesn't talk about... Pacific Auto Corp. He recently transferred it to his partner Mike Porter. It's pretty much a Payday Loan company! AND he doesn't provide insurance for his employees. Shame on him!
If you weren't doing something wrong in the fist place - you would not have been subject to having your car towed. The company was ONLY doing what was MANDATED by the City. sf
If you weren't doing something wrong in the fist place - you would not have been subject to having your car towed. The company was ONLY doing what was MANDATED by the City. sf
If you would like to read the truth about Retiever Towing and Gary Coe, simply contact the State of Oregon Attorney Generals Office and politely ask for access to their complaint file for the company. You will find page after page of complants from people who were charged "anger fees." You can even find copies of official receipts issued by Retriever which list an "anger fee" of $50 as a line item. I kid you not.
There is a need for towing, but Retriever, with the help of a feckless State Legislature, which has been unwilling to put a reasonable cap on impound fees, has taken greed and opportunism to a new level.

Coe and his ilk are out of control. What can be done by the average citizen to stop these kinds of unethical business practices? I am telling everyone I know about him and his racket, and encouraging them to vote "No On Coe!"

@at SF, not necessarily true. Have you seen the lastest concerning Retriever Towing? Illegal holding of an animal(dog)in order to extort payment which is NOT "MANDATED" by the city. Now who is doing something wrong???
@HassLied - dude, shove it.

A just Towing company would abide by the 4th Amendment, or at least NOT steal people's property until they VERIFY with the police that they can take it.

Do me a favor, tell me where you live and when you're not home. I have some of your stuff to sell you. Meet me before midnight, bring cash, and wait 45 minutes for me to arrive - then I'll sell you your stuff back to you. If you don't come, then I'm keeping it, because obviously you don't want it. Does that sound like a deal?

You know, when Voltaire named the worst ways to make money, he mentioned Usury as the worst, but he didn't have legalized criminals like Towing. Gary Coe is the worst of the worst, and someday I hope to see that man in jail.

(I thought of a rhyme!)
Car got towed?
Thank Gary Coe!
Kick his ass,
Vote Mark Hass!

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