Write another 20 I,As like this, and the mentioned might consider to listen to the another 25 that you would have to write. I dont know, just my impression.

Or reach deep down sincerely, honestly, do some strong meditation to think about, to reflect, and create and record a beautiful best selling music album,.
Leaky, she is not asking for that boys permission or time of day, she just wants to FUCK him! dont you understand that?... you're really bad giving advises.

Something which comes to mind. Why hasn't I,A responded to this? is it labor day?

Leaky you're a such a douchebag.
trickster#96, NOBODY calls Leaky a douchebag around here and gets away with it. YOU'RE a leaky douchebag.
Sooo, you've known this guy for ten solid years, hooked up with him once, and... that's it? Like, what happened after that first time? Are you trying to be his girl, or are you just wanting to fuck him again? B/c if it's the latter, then i'm pretty sure he'd be happy to oblige... again. In which case, what's the hold up?
Thanks Todd.
Nobody has stated the obvious, so I will. The reason that he has not fucked you for ten years is because you have a smelly vagina
Iceprez (some what) has a point here. You claim you've ALREADY slept with this guy ONCE. Why has he not gone back for [at least] seconds, if you've been soo damned willing?

Maybe there's a chance he just doesn't like you???
IA might also be a lousy lay. There's no going back to a stanky puss who's no mack in the sack.
IA states that she "royally screwed up after that one time". As Dr. Frist would say, judging this from a distance, knowing nothing about the actual facts in the matter, I'd guess she nixed continuing the physical relationship in a forceful manner which has kept the gentleman away ever since.

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