Dear Stripper at Sassy’s


Was "Buzz Lightyear" involved? If not, he should've been.
hey customer at the
rack....tell me how my ass taste!
the stripper
ps. do us all a favor and don't reproduce
Yeah, it's a crying shame that the sex worker you patronized has become so mediocre as to
change her act without consulting you. Maybe her proctologist gave their opinion on her act...
Time to stop seeing life as a Seinfeld episode and look at her like a real person who would rather cling to a scrap of dignity than indulge your small minded entertainment needs.

I have an idea, why don't you shove a tennis ball up your own ass, buy a $10 full length mirror, take it out on East Burnside, pull down your pants, look in the mirror and pull out the ball. You save yourself from a 2 drink minimum of $20 a pop, you give someone like yourself a nice free show, and maybe you'll get your needs met looking in the mirror...
or maybe you could just look in the mirror without all the props and see something else.

You know what's pathetic? Grown men who have to pay to see women take their clothes off.
@Steve - I think you mean "get to."
Despite this pathetic guy (pathetic because he doesn't move on to another favorite strippers, there are always a good new crop), women (and girly men) don't realize, strippers are awesome!