Anonymous Dec 15, 2011 at 3:14 pm


That coffee costs so much to make I am sure.
So this person is bitching and whining over freakin' coffee now?
I think they are saying that drinking the free coffee served while you wait your *loooong* turn for a table at brunch is actually stealing from the overcrowded restaurant. dream on.
this happened to me while helping at the south east homeless shelter and I just said fuck off.
Who the fuck would even wait in line to eat at any place? There is NO place that is worth waiting for a table.

And if you do happen to be retarded enough to wait, you shouldn't have to tell anyone if you had coffee or not. If they can't figure it out, there fuckin loss.
@lucky - The unfortunate answer to your question is "when you're on a date." Because girls will totally wait until a booth opens up, instead of taking a table. No, I don't understand it.
The willingness of my fellow NWers to wait 30 mins to an hour for breakfast will never make sense to me.
Yea, you're really hitting that restaurant that charged you 8 dollars for an omelette VERY HARD by having a cup or two or coffee before you get sat down. I mean, wow, how do these places even stay afloat?

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