Anonymous Dec 17, 2011 at 8:25 pm


I have serious doubts you were EVER an OWS sympathizer, to begin with. It is nice though, how you just assume all Occupiers are from CA, though.

And how you could soo easily turn on a movement you claimed to have once supported, just b/c ONE person yelled at you. O.k.!
Let's be clear, though, it *is* OK to hate Nike.
love #1s changing names. And I agree this guy seems awfully proud of working for "a large financial institution" to have ever been an OWS supporter.

But what strikes me as funny is picturing the scene. It's just as likely that "OWS" guy was an Oregon State supporter who hates UO.
OU alumni (and all people with an infantile obsession for their college years and dumbass college sports) can all eat a bowl of dicks.
@4, Uh oh, sounds like an indoor kid is still raw about high school...
Yes, this one guy clearly discredits the WHOLE movement. You probably DID work in PR and advertising as you say, since this is actually how the news media likes to cover such uprisings as well, with myopic vision and logic. Congrats, you've got the same tunnel vision that our media seers do. One guy is being rude to you... a guy who is probably unemployed and agitated with the current state of affairs, cold, hungry, broke... and I guess now you've got a woody now that you got your smug "I, anon" bit off. F you dude.
#3...damn, you beat me to it...and the guy probably just showed up from Occupy Corvallis...if they had one there, that is.

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