in certain areas, no matter the time, trains are required by law to blow their airhorns. Many trains are even unmanned, so this is necessary to try to keep some of the populace from being killed. You can always move your sorry ass to the other side of the tracks.
Uhm, i believe that train horns are to let people know that a TRAIN is coming. B/c you know, a TRAIN can't exactly stop on a dime.

I'm sorry, is this a joke IA??? This shit can't possibly be serious, right?!
Yeah. Make a post addressing inanimate objects. That's REAL smart.
Here's a little trick you can use to cheer yourself up when you're awakened by that train horn. Imagine Herve Villechaize shouting "THE TRAIN! THE TRAIN!" Then, as you drift back to sleep, wander off with Herve and have dreamy adventures. You'll begin to look forward to those nightly horn bursts!
This is one problem with building a thousand condos and apartments right around the train station. Who could have foreseen it?!

They blow their horn through town because of the street people around the steel bridge and central Eastside.
By law, trains have to blow their horns 3 times at ALL crossings. Some engineers on blowing their horns 3 VERY LONG times, but they have to do it nonetheless. I live near tracks too and the only real remedy to the nuisance is to move.
no doubt the trains and their horns were already well established in the neighborhood before you moved in, so suck it up.
You need to stop whining so hard, you sound like one of those trains you're bitching about. This post was like the sound of ten train horns combined though, a whining, weeping, shrill burst of obnoxious sound that no one wanted.
I love that white noise; But not the tracks.
Oh, sure #9, you love the white noise. But what about the black noise?

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