So this person wants to complain about tri met?
Hey you, you're not suppose to make any comments here unless it's a direct response to something I said!
Don't YOU "hey you" me from YOUR *registered account. If you are SO TOUGH, why don't you register for a *deluxe account! It has all the trappings of a registered account PLUS it comes with a crew of "chimer inners" and a free travel mug. Sign up today!

There! That's more like it.
Fuck the deluxe account. My travel mug has a faded am/pm logo on it.
I dont even HAVE a travel mug.....I cup it in the palm of my hand. Ya'll are straight bitchez
Bichez?!?!?! How's about I cram my am/pm promotional travel mug up your dickhole! (Ray Liotta laugh)
Yea but driving a bus eventually will make anyone into an asshole.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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