Dear Christmas In Need


It's spelled "fuck" not "f*ck".
Best part is his threat. He will ask you first next time.....
Gee, did you demand the sandwich back?
it's an interesting quandary. Do you give what you think will help? Or do you give what you think they need? Or not give? Or ask first? I blame Obama and the rest of them, particularly Reagan, for allowing this situation to exist.
Just because they're broke doesn't mean they'll be pathetically grateful for anything. Not asking them if they want a sandwich makes the whole thing a smug paternalistic test: NOT SEXY. For all you know they have food stamps and are panhandling so they can afford anti-fungal cream or tampons or . . .

Take up the employed Oregonians' burden
ye dare not stoop to less
nor seek to hide your classism
'neath a cloak of weariness.