Anonymous Dec 21, 2011 at 11:38 am


So, lemme get this straight. If he had on a white sweatshirt you probably wouldn't feel
I NEVER had a stalker...But I figure it would be one of the most fucked up things in todays world. White shirt, or purple shirt.
Where do you work? I only ask because I want a hj.
A stock room is awesome, I remember a job where the only safe place to get a hj was in the walk-in freezer.
Todd, I've been meaning to ask you this: Why are you looking straight ahead when there's something of interest to your left?
Hi-c Juice? I'd LOVE some!
I thought stalkers were different than rapists.
Sorry toots, all the stalker wants is the stock room.
Eric, if there is I can't see it, that woman's in the way.
Well, if the stalker all it wants is the stock, lets see the stalker in stockings, Ive been good for so long in here to respect the space, so this anonymous wont throw feces everywhere. And come on, who would aprove in here, in this fine establishment, one or the other.
I liked the v-neck.
You betcha. I never want to be the kind of girl who screams at anyone else's experience. I'm silly and serious and busty. That's who I am, and that's why I like that this is who I am, who I am. I kiss people to hear my laughter more than they hear my knocks. And I think I'm pretty bad with that.
But I am nice and patient and sometimes I change the words to my poems so it wont be easy to Google em, but every day the bucket a-go a well, One day the bottom a-go drop out.
Awesome! I'll see you Friday when your shift starts. You'll be taking the 72 bus at your usual time?
Subtext: "I can be flirtatous and wear a low-cut top and force you to see 90% of my breasts whether you like it or not (and I assume you will), but you cannot be equally lewd with a comment.

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