Thank You, Guitar Playing Douchebags.


Great, another jackass beating the same dead horse. Please specify the exact colors and thicknesses of glasses and clothing that are acceptable to you, to help everyone better conform to your personal wishes.

Anyone who instantly rolls their eyes about one of the most widely played and appreciated instruments is a twit. Or there's something wrong with what you're doing. Odds are good that you're contributing to the stereotype of the annoying guitarist whose songs and playing isn't good or interesting. If you were original and talented, a decent number of the people who hear you play would be giving you the approval you crave.
yes, geyser is right. If you play and if you enjoy it, be proud.
Please continue to keep the secret.
And if this is actually such a burning concern of yours, you may wish to ask yourself a few pointed questions about your fucking priorities, man.
the year is 2012. everybody's a rockstar. blame the internet, blame myspace, blame the multitudes of shitty venues and splintered micro-scenes in portland, blame your own stupid fucking Peter Pan vanity. middle age, adulthood and the long, painful march towards death will soon cure you of this silly musical noodling. can't wait.
This IA is just another typical whiny, passive-aggro little bitch - complaining about absolutely NOTHING at all.


Kind of like YOUR comment huh?
"I played guitar before it was cool"

You must be one of those people who insist on playing a song for somebody and suuuuuuuck.
"Kind of like YOUR comment huh?"

Oh, there's my on-line shadow again - following me everywhere i post.

YOU brought this on YOURSELF. Don't try and act all innocent. YOU bully!
There it is again.
Turning over a new leaf for the year Damosa? Or did you get your medication?
Playing the guitar? How fucking trite. Rock is dead, move on.
Please move back to whatever bumfuck midwestern town you came here from, ASAP.
Just play Free Bird. The ladies love Free Bird.
Your performance art piece not getting enough play, dog?