Own Up


None of my friends who tend bar or wait still GET minimum wage, unfortunately. Some of them were offered $2/hour, and some of them agreed to work for tips only. It's rough out there.
I must be getting soft. I agree with this IA!
I don't really see your point. Oregon doesn't allow tips to be counted towards wage, like most states, which means that restaurant workers here are guaranteed at least $8.80/hour.

http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/TA/T_FAQ_Min-wage2008.shtml has all of the technical details on that.
I agreed with you up until the point you admitted you steal. Justifying theft still makes you a POS thief
Yup. Entitled cocksucker. Just be glad you have a job. With an attitude like that, you'll be pushed aside for somebody who won't be a whiney little baby. A lot of people get minimum wage, period, without tips. With the skillset you obviously possess from your work in the food industry, I'm sure you'll do the right thing and put up, or shut up. If you think you deserve a better job, then take the diaper off and go get one.
Guess you probably should have listened to your parents and majored in something other than Political Science?
@oregometry - You are a fucking narrow minded, dipshit fuckbag. Not everyone in the service industry made "poor choices" or went the wrong route in life. I work in the industry with a Business Degree and a Master's in Education. Guess what? There are no teaching jobs in Oregon! You have no idea how much I hate asshats like you thinking you made the right choice and everyone who isn't as fortunate as you didn't. Nevermind, just die already.

We are sure that you, sir or madam, are a fine individual capable of making "good" choices. If a teaching job is what you are highly trained for and teaching is in fact what you truly desire to do, then by all means feel free to "choose" to apply for teaching jobs elsewhere.
Perhaps there is a shortage of teachers in South Dakota or Iowa or Okinawa.
Okinawa had a tsunami last year. Just saying. If you are afraid of baths or something.