Perogie Princess


I guess you kept mum all this time because the perogi was so good?
She already posted something similar about you a few months back, only better.
Would you, REALLY, IA?

Would you really spit in this woman's face the next time you saw her?
I'm with DaDaA on this one; If you're actually going to spit in her face, let us know. I wanna see it ACTUALLY go down. Same goes for anyone threatening fist-a-cuffs. No one ever really does it, 'cause you already would have, and not been ranting here.........
Then there are some us waiting for a time AND place.
"Then there are some us waiting for a time AND place."

Then there are some OF us waiting for BOTH a time AND place.

@damosa/Clifton Brooks. you are BOTH a coward and a feeble minded human. go eat a perogie.
I dated a Lewis and Clark grad. My god, what an idiot. She didn't think so, of course.
Not sure about the I,Anon that is clearly not anonymous to the people involved, because you filled it with identifiers. Is this truly an I,Anon? Some sort of public bitch on your way out the door, but you can't do it the person's face?

I still can't figure out I,Anon sometimes.
So....I'm hearing you saying you're both a team player and a self-starter. Please describe a challenge you've had to overcome in your current role.