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I haven't read O'Reilly's book, but Rick Geary's The Murder of Abraham Lincoln is a great graphic novel about the Lincoln assassination.
Really fuck with them by leaving an Ann Coulter book. Better yet, leave Ann Coulter there.
Take them all into the rest room and recycle
Get a copy of the Christians' The Holy Bible and conspicuously mark and annotate the passages that modern America's Christo-fascists choose to ignore.

For instance, you could put a sticky note and highlight where it says, "It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven" (or whatever it says, I don't read that nonsense). And you could write in the margin, "The opposite is true for being elected POTUS."

And where it says, "Thou shall not kill," you can put an asterisk and write-in a set of exceptions. Things like, "Except if you're able to convince the public that the people you killed were involved in 9/11," or "Unless they're convicted of a capital offense, they're black, and they killed a white person," or "Unless they're a corporation; only corporate persons shall have eternal life!!!!" You know, stuff like that.

And the best part of this would not be pointing out the utter hypocrisy of American Christians, but giving the impression that your Bible study is what you do for fun on the shitter.
In all seriousness, as long as they don't leave a copy of the judeo-holy bible in the break room (which would be a brazen violation of company policy, mind you), i would just leave it alone. There's no need to escalate this.

Compared to co-workers actually harassing and trying to proselytize to you (which i've experienced before), this thing with the break room is petty.
You seem to have tender meat GaddafiA. Not enough thick skin or calluses.
Are you seriously going to follow up every single comment i make?
I'd suggest leaving the biography of a serial killer.
no, not really. But you havent answered a single question I've asked and your fanclub is on the edge of their seats awaiting. Should I starve them to death?
Killing Lincoln was an entertaining read. My grandparents love the Fox News, so of course they bought that book. They both enjoyed it and lent it to me. I'm not really a big O'Reilly fan myself, but it was a fun, fast read. I'm not about to enter a historically accurate knowledge of Lincoln contest either, but, you know, give it a chance man.

Anyways, the next best step is to print out all of the articles that Eliot Spitzer has written on Slate and leave them there.
There was a critically acclaimed book called Manhunt written about the Lincoln assassination a few years ago. If you want to know about that subject, do yourself a favor and ready that one.

Anon, leave a Michael Moore book. Or has Pelosi written a book? Pelosi makes lava shoot out of right-winger ears for some reason.
Kropotkin - Conquest of Bread

or the latest issue of the International Socialist Review
Tony Judt's "Ill Fares The Land", or George Packer's "Blood of the Liberals".

Anything by Moorcock or Lovecraft or P.K. Dick

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