Anonymous Jan 26, 2012 at 10:03 am


@Graham I love all wheeled things.
What a dumbass, probably one of the stupid fucking pedestrians that think crosswalks are their god given right to step out in front of a 2-ton vehicle without even looking cause their eyes are glued to their phone. Why can't the pedestrians wise up, look both ways like they learned in kindergarten and wait til there is an openig in traffic to cross. It's pretty UNenvironmentally friendly to require a vehicle to stop then start again cause your ass can't wait 5 extra seconds to cross behind a vehicle while you're on the way to the coffee shop to talk about how your composting is saving the fucking earth.
Not just the striped crosswalks - In Oregon law, every single street corner that's not within 150 feet of a striped cross is a crosswalk and motorists must yield.
Just live by my simple rule of never ever going near NW 23rd. The only thing you miss are assholes.
Accept when you need to go to Kitchen Kaboodle to buy a new drink shaker.

"Accept when you need to go to Kitchen Kaboodle to buy a new drink shaker".

EXCEPT when you need to go to Kitchen Kaboodle to buy a new drink shaker.

Corrected 

Ha. That goon can't spell worth shit. Nice.
You guys have no idea how much you're being played... much like a child's toy. I took and passed ADVANCED writing classes at PCC - so obviously my grammar is quite superior. I'm having a ball adding in obvious misspellings and grammatical errors ON PURPOSE, just to watch you people trip over yourselves in your desperate attempts to "correct" me!

Keep it up, lemmings, you provide the King good entertainment.
And the biggest loser with no life award goes to........

Damosa er Clifton I mean dadaa gaddafia.

*special points for changing your name, such a clever goon.
YOU can have it, Geo. You deserve it more than i do.
The loser crown belongs on your head fuckface, you lurk here far more than anyone else.

You should offer to teach a trolling class.
You'd be my no. 1 student.
whatta joke you are mimosa.
Most drivers take reasonable precautions not to hit pedestrians (the paperwork is rather daunting). Most pedestrians acknowledge that yes, they have the right of way, but that also it's not the worst idea to stop before crossing a road - you know, just in case the driver doesn't see them yet or is momentarily distracted by any number of things that momentarily distract people. But come on people, if you're walking across a busy (or narrow) street, you really need to assume that the driver will not see you. Could save your life.

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