yep. Their genius children come first, followed by their genius car, their genius car keys, their genius right of way, and their genius etc.
Very legit gripe. A+ indeed!
I agree 100%! couldn't be so much right! an A+ doubtlessly!
Well stop walking in front of them! Buckman does kind of suck though.
You need to keep a bag of rocks on your handlebars for this type of situation.
See, even the trolls of I, A think I have a valid case. Clearly these are bastard people and they must be stopped (from procreating more).
@jake...oh I do. In another IA last year I made a similar remark and some mom with her precious child got all pissy and quite inappropriate with me. I used to live by da Vinci school and mentioned that there are a few (well more than a few) 12 yr old douchebags that act out in public and on tri met. She seemed stunned that a 12 yr old can be an asshole, because of course her special, precious child has no obligation to have manners of any kind and is of course entitled. Those people sicken me, and you are correct-I blame the parents
Really though, if she had run over your lame, skinny-jean-wearing, fixie-bike-riding, underemployed ass, would this have really been that bad? Aren't there enough of your dick-heads in this city? Now, aren't stereotypes fun?
As far as I am aware there are no "parents of Buckman" stereotypes. My post was made based on actual observation, as I have seen and interacted with these people and could describe their dress and mannerisms accurately. Please go google the word "stereotype". I know it gets thrown around a lot, but still you should figure out what it means before you join in with the flinging.

By the way, "hipster" is about the lamest, most generic, uncreative insult you could have gone for. I'd let you in on the new cool insults, but bringing them to your attention would render them inherently uncool.
Hahaha! Sick burn, OP, sick burn.
My grandchild attends Buckman. and we are not from the neiborhood or the enonomically blessed that mostly go their and believe me when I tell you its not generalizations their really a lot of snobs and biches who think their shit dont stink. My grandchild has been going their for two years Theyve got big time cliques. These overpriviljed snots think their beautiful and the truth is their kids are ugly and bad mannered.

Gezus! What a bunch of angry, whining anarchists! If it's THIS big a deal, move yer fucking asses down 2 a van by the river...oh, yeah, I guess you have to actually have a job to sign for a van, or rent a van, or put insurance on a van...oh, wait, those great big snobs @ those great big capitalist pig buildings lord their Nazi rules over you about insurance on vans....yeah, those goddamn'd talented & gifted kids...& teachers! Why can't they just be run of the mill, i don't care shitheads that graffiti buildings, shit on the rest of the "dumb" kids and flunk all their tests on purpose so their school can be re-classified as a super-school for illegal alien kids & teachers & teaching "dolts" only classified as teachers due to their time behind the desk....oh, and wow, how novel, let's just classify EVERYONE we think might actually be better, more talented, ore gifted than us, as ugly & bad mannered. Now THAT is being real, ain't it? All you whiners against quality people, go fuck yourselves & take a friend with you if you have one
Wow- these comments are hillarious- particularly as they stem from an incident outside of a school- I hope these arent adults making assumptions about the children at a school. Did I read one of the commenters refer to them as "ugly"- Gah! Think about your words and apparent thoughts

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