Nothing wrong? Dear IA, you wrote "whilst." Clearly you were in need of berating.
Those conditions for riding on sidewalks don't apply to Downtown, where it's always illegal. But even if the old guy was right, he was still being an ass, and I'm not sure even the cops would hassle you for going up onto the sidewalk if you're riding a short distance, coming to a stop by a bike entrance.
Another downtown aggro-cyclist - shocking.
Fight! Fight!
Stop riding on sidewalks you dick
Off the sidewalk asshole.
Fucking yawn!
An old man yelled at you? You should totally pound his wrinkley ol' mug in till he goes back to the circle of hell from whence he came. God damned old people! What are they trying to pull, being all crotchety & old? Totally beat him up. Good for you, owning your anger, & all that.
The old man will kick your ass up and down the street. Try it and see.
It is illegal in parts of downtown to ride on the sidewalk at all. So your self-righteousness is minus the "righteousness" part.
to jriley, That's an interesting notice of the word "whilst". I see that it was also used in the IA about a snake in the bathroom. Could it be that we have a serial ranter? How likely is it, in this town, that the word "whilst" will show up twice in such a short time, unless it's written by one person? Perhaps that one person is a butler. I hear that the butlers always do it.
Ugh. I hate that guy. He threw himself at me once. Because I was only going 5 MPH (for the safety of everyone around me) I was able to stop 10' away from him, where he continued to berate me. I asked a cop if it was ok that I was riding there, and he stated "That intersection? I'd prefer you DID. That ones dangerous." LEAVE ME ALONE OLD FUCK.

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