Anonymous Mar 7, 2012 at 12:29 pm


1. They're called "convenience stores," not "convenient stores."

2. Convenient is not a synonym for quick. Check your thesaurus if you don't believe me.
I always wonder about these ones: is it being so angry that makes them such miserable pricks, or is it their being a miserable prick that makes them so angry?
I dont know about the money orders, but I can definitely relate to the part about getting stuck behind someone buying 10 different lotto tickets and paying for them with a stack of $1 and $2 winners. HURRY UP LADY, I'M DOUBLE PARKED!!!!
Hey unregistered comment guy, it's called a 'typo'. Is that your only criticism of the rant? On and on with your breakdown of definitions...ugh. I thought it should have been more about the quality of cigarettes this guy was describing, for that was funnier than the complaint about the inconsiderate customer. Not bad for a Thursday afternoon.
No, #4, it's a mistake, not a typo. Picking on dumb little mistakes is a *convenient* way to insult someone by implying that they are not worth a substantive reply.

Also, I can't stand poor people either.
I've had it with people who use the word "really"like they are on SNL or some shit.
Oh, that woulda been me at the Plaid Panty, I betcha. Next time I'm gonna pay in nickels and count 'em out reeealll slooooow, shithead.
"...ever heard of buying name brand cigarettes?"

This from a guy who eats convenience-store peanuts. Check the expiration date? Those nuts are older than Ron Paul's.
#8-And the hot streak continues!
Am allergic to peanuts. If by chance you mixed em' when you bagged them alongside the almonds you could've killed me. Or my face could have turned like Lindsay Lohan's for a couple of hours. And my cat doesn't like that.
(almonds, shagbark hickorys, Hazelnuts, all the same.)
Oh okay, so we should all use convenience stores the way you do....the RIGHT way....ok. Got it.
VERY fucking legit gripe. It's extremely annoying whenever you go into a small store wanting to make a SIMPLY straight-forward purchase, only to have to wait behind some fuckwit buying lotto tickets, or trying to make some sort of bizarre transaction. Half of these fuckwits can't figure out what cigarettes they want. And most of the time they're trying to chat up the clerk, as if there weren't 3 or 4 other people standing behind them!

There REALLY ought to be two separate lines - one for grown-ups who just want to buy one or two items w/ cash, and one for illiterate fuckwits who just like hanging out in convenient stores all day.
Fat guy with a twix is better.
#13 is right. I've noticed that some of these people will start scratching off their ticket right there and, once they lose, ask for a few more, holding up the line even longer.

The thing is, we've got stores that cater to peoples' illnesses. Liquor stores (including these 7-11s/Plaid Pantries) will sell alcohol to people with drinking problems, no questions asked. They'll sell lottery tickets to people with gambling addictions. I guess we can pass the time while we wait for them, feeling sorry for their poor heinies and being glad we're not as sad as they are.
Aaarrrgghh!!! Stuff is just so darn annoying sometimes! Amirite guys?
@Todd....i'm so stealing that!
And this one time? There was this guy? I didn't like 'im!
At my local plaid it's usually older immigrants or toothless locals. Sadly, both will never know better.
Good to see a small business making money.

Sorry that you and your inflated sense of entitlement had to wait your turn.
so there i was, spending my last 12 dollars on ciggs and hoping i could win the lotto, when some tweaker hipster starts shaking his bag of peanuts behind me and clearing his throat like all the coke stuck in his nose finally started to drain...since i'm too poor to afford a bank account with checks, and my electricity is gonna turn off tomorrow if i don't pay it, i guess i should have sat in the dark so i wouldn't be publicly humiliated.

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