It's even more socially acceptable to make fun of someone for being stupid, as I suspect you're about to find out.
Not sure what Anonymous is complaining about. She titles her letter "why are fat people always dieting", then in her letter accuses fat people of always ordering fried items on menus, which doesn't seem like a diet at all.

Personally, as a morbidly obese fatfuck hiding behind the internet, I kinda like her rant (fat people ARE gross, don't deny it) but it'd be better if she also adhered to some form of coherency and consistency behind her sentiment.
Worse yet, this will result in a pro-fat-people/ anti-skinny-people I,A being crafted right about now, soon to be published, every bit as stupid and lacking in perspective.
yeah. why are skinny people always eating salads and whatnot. i hate them so bad!
Yeah, society is soooo biased against the skinny. What's with all these fat models plastered all over everything?!
Crown, anon wasn't complaining about society..they were complaining about FAT PEOPLE mocking skinny people. Perhaps you should consult a dictionary before reading.
Anon is right on - fat people who pick on skinny people are just jealous and making excuses for being fat, lazy and stupid.
LOVE skinny girls. Call me, you emaciated, limp-wristed beauty, you.
You take in more calories than your body needs you get fat. It's a choice, no one is forcing you to eat all that shit and sit on your ass.

Also, to the fat friend of a friend that came over and broke my chair : I was just being nice, there was nothing wrong with that chair until you attempted to sit in it. You seriously need to implement some portion control and a bit of exercise, as does your pre-diabetic fat as fuck child.
#8- I have lost a total of 3 chairs to fat housevisitors.
#9 I lost one to a fat, disgusting bitch of a roommate who just laughed and never offered to replace it.

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