A Thief Got Fired. Let's Protest?


Which is more annoying: employees protesting to have more of a voice in matters of pay equity and disciplinary procedure, or people who have no clue what's going on protesting anonymously about the protests on the Internet, making no sense in the process? Hmm, that's a tough one.
Congrats on your brave stance condemning petty thievery, though. It takes a lot of courage to speak out on a tough issue like that.
Oh and "mind your business," says the guy sitting around passing judgment on crowds of people for attending a rally, presuming to know how much they're accomplishing with their lives, etc.
I doubt many people with food stamps shop at New Seasons. It is expensive (relatively speaking of course)
I've noticed homeless pull a scam where use food stamps to buy a cart full of fancier milk and then dump the shit out in the parking lot, return inside and collect on the glass bottle deposit.

That is so sad, that milk requires so much water, food, energy to
produce...what a huge waste!
As always, yup; that would be a disgrace, assuming that ever actually happened...
Hey IA, what's it like still inside the Matrix? Must be nice 'n cozy, huh?
heh heh.... warm, cozy Matrix... mmmmm.
Shop the Grocery Outlet. They have no hot food to steal and their beer selection is impressive. They also happen to be next door to a Trader Joe's and WF. You can get all 3 levels/varieties of goodies to fill your hole.