Anonymous Apr 12, 2012 at 12:59 pm


The left turner had probably been yielding to oncoming traffic throughout the green, waiting in the intersection for a chance to turn left. This is pretty par for the course for such an intersection, and conscientious drivers stop on the yellow to allow the left turners a chance to go. Hustling to make the yellow, and thus forcing the left turner to complete the turn on a red, is an asshole move. Your "confused halt" was probably more of an epiphany of self-awareness brought on by doing something rude.
Like that'll ever happen again you groundhog day dog dick licker.
You're not supposed to enter the intersection on a yellow, douche. The guy who was already in the intersection had the right-of-way.

RTFM you sack of shit.

Gawd, another passive Portland driver. Next time chase down the mo-fo (right or wrong) and threaten him. DO feast on his organs, don't just talk about it! THAT, my friend, is textbook driving. You're welcome.
Dear admins, please ban whiny traffic complaints.
Also, did you know that speeding up to make a yellow is illegal in Oregon? If you have the ability to stop, you must.
Your writing skills are as shitty as your driving skills. How else do you suck?

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