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Stop worrying about defending your choice to have children, or just move to the god damned suburbs already!
You're an asshole.
You dumb ass, those altered signs are meant for pure bred dog owners.
Sounds like an overflow of guilt, IA. You know you shouldn't have kids, and if you already have... well, sounds like you need to start slipping the ol' arsenic in their bologna sandwiches to atone for your wrongdoing.
I will be having 2 children. One which replaces my own awesomeness and will grow up in my likeness due to huge amounts of pressure and disappointment. And one which will be my wife's replacement in this world. Straight up two for two. Except when our lives opverlap. Then it is more like 2 plus 2. Fuck it, I'm gonna keep pullin out til an accident happens.
First we had the happily married, happily castrated, happily stuck in his rut-of-a-job letter decrying all the 30/40-somethings who hang out all day, drink beer and live more casual, stress-free lives. Now we have the "responsible and mature" parent who slams anyone without a kid and ends it with the very grown-up line of "I'll egg the fuck out of your house".

Why do I get the impression that despite all the weed I smoke and all the slacking I do, I'm still more mature than these mindless cubicle zombies with their annoying kids and boring lives? If they're so happy with their choices then why are they wasting their time writing hostile letters, angry at those who had the audacity to lives their lives in a different manner?

Besides, just imagine how absolutely lovely the kid of the "i'll egg your fucking house!" mom will turn out! These letters only prove one thing: we need better parents, parents who are actually secure in their decision to have kids instead of parents who had kids because they felt it'd make them more "adult", then once they realized that wasn't the case they spend their free time railing against the child-free folks of this city. Classic.
People who rant on the internet about "breeders" are trolls who hurt the cause of trying to put population issues on the political/environmental agenda.
Anon: ignore these people.
"Breeder" trolls: be prepared to get told called out for your idiotic blathering.
DamosA: yo mama's a breeder.
Having my avatar called out for my "idiotic blathering"?......A few data minutes

Mean mugging your crying fuck trophy at the grocery to the point of a nuclear meltdown?........Fucking priceless
You people are idiots. I read the IA, then I read these comments and it's like, yeah, that's who he's talking about. You people are a bunch of whiners. Not a ONE of you addressed any of his points, just the same old boring shit. The same old tired shit: "Another parent, blah, blah, blah" "Life is so great without kids, yadda, yadda, yadda" "Makes me realize my life is great, just sittin' around, getting fat, smoking bowl after bowl and whacking off in my mom's basement all day" "I have nothing to say, so I'll just call the IA on complaining, even though that's exactly what I'm doing". I don't even have kids and I hate you people. You're all so fucking boring.
Shouldn't you be taking care of your kids instead of weeping on the web?
Jesus, is life in Vancouver wearing you down, I,A? Pack up the brats and treat 'em all to some fro yo at the mall! Fun!
Hey #9. Yeah you mc yammer. If YOU fucking read the "rant" part right, he is dissing the people who alter stop signs.
And for fuck sake, if we're so "boring", why bother? Dumbfuck
I do not plan on having kids at this point in my life, but I have no problem with those that do. Just make sure to teach them not to act like little assholes in public. It's all any of us can ask.
Ahhh, the sour whine of BREEDERS. For they never cease at trying to make the world utterly unbearable for the rest of us.
Hate to break this to you but unless you're gay, YOU'RE a breeder! Ask anyone (other than yourself).....
DiArRhEa I forgot who you where. Anyways, who is your Avatar?

Didn't like you or some one else broke into Damosas account before and posted as him?

Am just bored, you know. Wasn't one of the incarnations of conflict artist>mimosa I forgot who?
Uhm, i'm NO breeder, thank you.
Looking at the bigger picture, having a kid in America isn't causing the world problems. It's having a kid in a country where there isn't much in the way of promise/resources/infrastructure that's the problem. For example, the population of Nigeria is projected to be over 400 million by 2050. That's. Not. Good. It's countries like this, India, Indonesia, and a host of others where churning out a mess of kids can be legitimately looked at as socially irresponsible.

If some well-to-do parents want to have one or two in Portland, what's the big deal? I see this whole 'breeder' backlash as yet another example of insufferable Portland hipster smugness.

My two quid.
It's funny, everyone here who hates people who have kids were once kids themselves. And where did you all come from. YOUR asshole breeder parents! That's right, YOUR parents were assholes, you dipshits. Kinda hypocritical, ain't it? I don't even have kids and I think you're all assholes. You assholes.
Jebus, OP you're such a whiney little bitch. Learn to have respect for yourself and call the people out to their faces. No wonder no one respects you.
Oh, there u are damosA! I was wondering where u have been?