I Am Anonymous


I hereby declare you to be a disgusting sociopath. And in so doing I get the strange feeling that you crave that validation. Thank CHRIST I work from home and not with some crazy-assed freak such as yourself.
I'm really glad I work for myself and business is growing rapidly. This letter reminded me how awful and gross most people have it, stuck in some shitty office/call center around people like this. It's an environment that breeds contempt for humanity as a whole and results in people being secretly aggressive/cruel/nasty. Misery breeds misery and while I,A probably thinks his/her letter is cute, at the end of the day you know someone who could pen a letter like this is clearly in their own purgatory so I suppose the joke's on them.
You PIG!
"business is growing rapidly" meaning the website is already up...damn hippies.
hrhrhr (:
Obviously written by Wm.™ Steven Humphrey. Obviously.