More Advice on Being a Good Streetcar Passenger


Blame the guy asking for directions, I mean, Jesus, buy a map.
Blame maps!
Blame Trimet!

No, seriously. I don't even like giving directions. I usually just lie and say I'm not from here.

I certainly don't go on and on about Burgerville, lol.
Did they mention any of our public loos where one can proudly take a dump?
THANK you! In fact, let's all just stop yammering on about What Portland Is Like. To ourselves, to others, to strangers, to the media. Just live your life and stop trying to acquire some lifestyle that was a creation of marketers trying to sell hotel rooms to tourists, and second-hand clothes to small-town hipsters newbies.
All he wants is directions to Voodoo Doughnut and the Kennedy School, anyway.
Voodoo Doughnuts. Ooh, those things will shoot right through you
Amen Anon. I heard one of these 2 days ago on Max: bicycles, occupy, blah blah,,,vegan food cart, pioneer square, blah blah. After these schumck's got off, I suggested to the couple who had asked directions that the Rose Garden, Pittock Mansion, the waterfront and Omsi might be of interest as well (or instead in that they were in their late 50's and seemed more interested in sightseeing). They thanked me and I wished them a great day in our lovely city. I did not mention Voodoo Donuts, although the idiot kids who got off earlier did. Jesus
Ughhh Voodoo. Tonalli's Donuts on Alberta makes the greatest things I have ever put in my mouth.
Never mind, too easy.
Well, it was almost a "ZING!" moment.
I resisted the urge too (something that I'm not good at).
Ooooohhh God, who wants Voodoo Donuts anyways...
I find nothing wrong with people giving an outsider their own perception of the city - so long as one regards it like much 'advice' that is casually passed off to us.
I always tell tourists to enjoy the passive-aggressive natives and their provincial attitudes.
I usually let tourists know that if they run into so-called "passive aggressive" attitude they can blame it on lonely, bitter and sanctimonious transplants.