Even More Gym Etiquette


9) put a fucking towel on after you shower. Seriously, why do guys feel the need to lounge around naked and blow dry their balls? Nasty
10) if you are going to tote dumbells all the way across the gym to do whatever goofy Crossfit stuff you are doing, put them back. Replace your weights, unload your plate loaded machines.
I am glad I don't have to go to 24 downtown. It sucks
Ooh damn gurl you nasty!
I stopped reading at: "but I bet everyone else could learn a thing or two"
"This is specifically directed at all the lovely folks down at the 24 Hour Fitness located downtown..."

If this is so, then WHY, oh WHY are you posting it HERE? Does this look like the "24 Hour Fitness blog" to you?
Well well. Nice of the Gestapo to drop in and tell us all what we should or should not be posting here. Hey Cliffy, freedom of speech. Don't like the title??? DON'T FUCKING READ IT!
i didn't even know blow drying balls was a thing.

it never occurred to me to do it.

why the fuck anyone who isn't actually training to be a professional boxer or other professional athlete would go to a gym to 'work out' in the first place is beyond me.

If you don't have the discipline to have and maintain a personal exercise routine without needing a gym membership to motivate yourself you're just a sad sad little person.
In regards to number 6 on the list- Creepy men that leer too long are off-putting whether they are gay or straight. To claim homophobia in this instance kinda seems like sour grapes to this handsome breeder.
Idk, i use the gym at PCC at least twice a week, plus i have weights at home i use. I've never experienced any of the issues the folks who post gym-related IA's are talking about.

I've never been inside the 24-Hour gyms before, but this kinda just seems like more of that famous Portland aggro-whining to me.

First-World problems.
@iceprez creepy old men leer at young ladies in the gym, too, you handsome homophobic breeder. in fact, you're probably one of them.
@7....I kid you not, the worst is the Beaverton 24 which I go to due to it's proximity to where I live. Seriously (and its always guys at least 40 and well over at times) wandering around naked, drying their twig and berries and bungholes on the same dryer people use to dry their hands. Wtf? Fucking nasty. If it's busy, I don't even shower there, and it has nothing to do with whatever their sexual orientation(mostly hetero I would guess) is because I don't care. It's just fucking creepy.@randyzpdx, actually I was a professional figher and collegiate athlete, I like the gym to stay fit now that I am not getting any younger. I like to do more than take a walk or ride a bike to keep my desired level of fitness(I like riding bikes too). That's just me though. Thanks for your amazing insight though
When I lived in the area, Loprenzi's was my favorite. Very cool, diverse and old school. Also no wanna be MMA jerkoffs in "tapout gear" clothing. I can't even begin to tell you how I feel about these tools
@11- That is exactly what I said. Dudes that leer too long are creepy regardless of sexual orientation.
"... wanna be MMA jerkoffs in "tapout gear" clothing."

You sir or maddam, should be awarded COMMENT OF THE YEAR for this phrase alone!
I kind of think I know who wrote this, and I love you. Keep being awesome.
Modesty is for women, young children, males who are afraid to be MEN, and p-whipped non- testosterone producing males (of any sexual orientation). Coed gyms are not a good idea.....push for all male & all female gyms....there would be less oglers, but more serious builders. If you don' t like to see naked people in the locker room then don't go in the locker room. Simple. If you see someone not removing their weight plates, say something about it. If someone doesn't want to share a weight machine, then go get a club employee/manager. If you see a sweaty person leave a puddle of sweat, then ask them to clean it. If you see some idiot slam the barbells on the floor, then point the rules on the wall out to them. We're adults, not scared little children.......so don't act the part.
@ jake, good suggestion for some and I just wish to reassure you that I neither use an elliptical or watch Fox news. Ever. And sadly, the gym I go to plays far worse music than blink 182. Think shitty eighties music, the kind hipsters find nostalgic and "ironic". That's why you have headphones, but in comic juxtaposition to that one of the MMA gyms I go to is almost certain to have guys blasting godsmack outside. Too funny
After being a gym member at one place or another for 10+ years, I finally canceled and have never looked back. The gym sucks for way more than 8 reasons.
I hope the gym idiots know that doing 100 pushups a day at home, is a far better workout than going to a gym ever could be.

Oh well, idiots love to look at other idiots in mirrors.