Hey, dumb shit pedestrians!


Yes, yes! Kill them! I hate fucking jaywalkers, too. Next!
i will pull you from your car and beat you senseless if you cop this attitude w/ me after nearly running me down.
Recently, Oregon passed a new law that indicates wherever a pedestrian walks into the road there is a crosswalk there, whether marked or not. Now if they were crossing in a marked crosswalk against the light, then yes, they are dumb shits, and you were not in the wrong. Also, maybe you should pay attention and be a better driver. Bitch.
#2: I love that attitude.
"I can disregard traffic laws and step out in front of a car with the green light, but SO HELP YOU GOD if you call me on it after having to slam on your break to avoid hitting me because of my complete disregard for traffic laws and my surroundings."

@pdxajn: pretty much all of your comments are entertaining AND reek of douchebaggery. I find it extremely hard to believe you would do any of things you claim you would, so through logical analysis you are a) trolling extra hard b) a P/A dork who wishes they could act out in the manner you claim.
i'm not sure what p/a means.

and i'm also not sure what you expect to find in the comment section of the portland mercury other than trolling.

i mean, sorry.

let's have a serious discussion about the issuez of the day.
Ahh, more of that famous Portland aggro-passiveness.
The fucking street, that's 82nd, right?
well, what did you expect DamosA? That all of the sudden passive aggressiveness would no longer exist in Portland?

Also, what is so motherfucking difficult about typing out the entire word?

aggro is so... tween-sounding.
Ok, so it is A). Fair enough, you have a point