Anonymous May 20, 2012 at 10:43 am


Omg for the 5000000th time, Kettleman's sucked.
Kettleman's was awful on pretty much every level. Noah's/Einstein is much better. I don't care for their decorations either, but that's a pretty stupid thing to complain about.
I'm curious if the people who hated Kettleman's think there's somewhere in town to get good bagels.
Kornblatt's yo
Broseph Goebbels? That's your screen name? Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you?
complaining about decor is certainly legitimate, but i haven't been to the new einstein brothers bagels, so i can't comment specifically.

there's a place on sw macadam called finicky's that has pretty awesome bagels, though.
Haha, it's an I Love You Man reference that I find pretty funny. Haters gonna hate.
Shouldn't whoever decided to sell out to Einstein's share the blame? Anyway, we look forward to Anonymous opening a great bagel shop that *gets* the Portland vibe...oh, right, it's easier to just wag your jaw (or fingertips).
I'm so confused. I swear it was Noah's that Einstein took over. And it's just a name thing. The one I go to in the Tron (that was definitely a Noah's and is now definitely an Einstein) has the same mediocre coffee, same awesome employees, and same good bagels.
A bagel's a bagel so shaddap.
Obligatory "I'm from NYC and none of this shit is bagels" post
Todd beat me to the punch pointing out that it was that sweet dear Chinese immigrant who is to blame for selling his company.
Get over it already.
Try Bagel-land at Freemont and 42nd.
I'll never understand the fascination with bagels (and coffee). They're just stale doughnuts without the sugar.
Bearclaw from AM/PM and a Monster are the 'Breakfasts of Champions'.
How is hiring "hipster servers" a good thing? Often they lack service skills and attitude so people complain. Also, it wasn't that great and I am happy with Noahs. Then again I might have 2 bagels a month
I kinda think Noah's sucks, but that has nothing to do with the basic mechanics of capitalism, which is what is really to blame -since apparently you need that- for this business being sold to another business.
RB businesses are sold all the time. I worked for Fred Meyer when Kroger bought it and slowly but surely pushed their brands in. People complained at first, but now no one even remembers that, and it was only about ten years ago. You know, before half the fucking population of Portland moved
I went into Noah's Bagels on Hawthorne, a few weeks ago and the bagels were fucking terrible. All I can say is that the quality of these bagels has went way down with the emerging of hipsters.

Thanks a lot dickbags!

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